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  1. Generally speaking, the profit of boutique is between 50 % and two hundred percent. In other words, the price of the purchase price is about 6--- 12 yuan. Such a huge profit is of course the first choice for most small investors. But how to make a boutique, let's take a look at its specific operations:

    Considering that most of the products of boutique stores may be jewelry, so we take the jewelry store as an example to illustrate the explanation Let's take a look at the specific purchase and operation.

    The professionalism: In recent years, market demand has become increasingly larger, more and more people do jewelry business, and market competition has become more intense. However, the market space of accessories is still very large, because the trend is constantly changing, but it is only required to do more professionalism.

    The site selection: Considering that most of the customers in the jewelry shop are students, in general, there are many places such as many people in the university town or near college high schools. Of course, the bustling commercial street is also available, but it is generally not recommended.

    This decoration: The decoration does not need to be as luxurious as a hotel, but must grasp a little as much as possible. In the case, jewelry is a popular trend. You must pay attention to style, standardized, conspicuous, strengthen the brand when decorating Emotional and era, making store design and signboards also become their own free advertisements. Specialized costs are generally kept within 30,000. 30,000 needles for boutique stores. (1 to 20,000 is about 20-40 square meters.) Of course, it cannot be generalized. The specific decoration costs are based on the consumption level of various places. The required thing is: the price of the shelves is 480 yuan for the whole steel architecture, which is divided into four layers of 2 meters and 1.6 meters wide. Of course, the price is the highest. Counter, spotlights, etc. are necessary.

    Stock: Purchase must be selected according to local humanities and customs; the price must be based on the age group of the consumer group around you, the consumption level and income of the city; It is the foundation of modern business.

    The category: The first purchase is generally 50,000 yuan. Of course, 30,000 purchases can be paved with the goods. Including jewelry series such as makeup series, headdress, hand accessories, key chains, cartoon puppets, ceramic dolls and other gift series. The goods should be high and low to meet the needs of different consumers. If you want to have special characteristics, it is best to go to minority areas. Tibetan jewelry and decorations are very popular. People now pay attention to personality.

    The goods type:

    Silver jewelry: necklace and necklash, bracelet bracelet ring ring ring ring pending pendant, brooche earrings other silver jewelry

    Natural Crystal: Yellow Crystal Ameline Plel Crystal Pink Crystal White Crystal Ghost Aliens Titanium Crystal Smoke Crystal Smoke Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal Cave Crystal Cave Agate Poat Pormon Point Point olive Tourmaline/Sunshine Stone Czech Celestial Cross -Big Black Hamsuma Sapphire/ Topaz malack green pine/white pine agate obsidian ouap/protein chalcedony tiger eyes/eagle -eye stone/wood -transformed stone red pattern stone/greenite Shujiai/amethyl fluorite other crystal jewelry
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n Emerald jewelry: Natural jadeite artificial improvement jade

    Natural jade: bracelet bracelet foot chain ring ring, pendant decoration of brooch ear decoration other natural jade jewelry Neckdling bracelet bracelet foot chain ring ring ring pendant decoration brooches other glazed jewelry

    diamond jewelry: necklace pendant bracelet bracelet foot chain ring finger ears other diamond jewelry

    pearl amber coral jewelry: natural breeding seawater beads natural breeding freshwater bead natural amber natural coral other pearl/amber/coral jewelry

    gemstone jewelry: natural gem nude stones necklads bracelet bracelet foot binda Ring ring pendant pendant decoration brooches and ear decoration other gem jewelry

    men's jewelry: ring earrings pendant necklace bracelet

    simulation jewelry: necklaces bracelet bracelet foot chain ring ring ring waist Decoration of chest pin and ear decoration other simulation jewelry

    Golden platinum jewelry: necklace necklads bracelet bracelet foot chain ring ring ring pendant pendant ears other golden platinum jewelry Jewelry: Necklace necklads bracelet bracelet foot chain ring ring ring ring pendant head jewelry waist ornament earrings other Tibetan jewelry and other national jewelry

    popular jewelry: necklaces bracelet bracelet bracelet foot chain mobile jewelry/bag pendant pendant Ring ring pendant pendant DIY jewelry brooch ears and ear decoration pair of ring -to -mobile phone Zhizhi constellation jewelry

    cartoon boutique: Hello Kitty, Ding Dang, Melody, Disney, etc. Common cups, mouse, mouse pads, fans, doll dolls, etc.

    Music box

    The types above are for reference only when friends purchase, such as The number of purchases is not large. Considering that the problem of freight can be near the principle, but the choice of style is not large, and it is difficult to grasp the trend. For example, you can choose to purchase online, so that you will have a better grasp of the latest fashion trends. In addition, the time and capital costs of running back and forth, but the premise is that in addition to novel and novel styles, the quality is more important. Because the online purchase considers more after -sales service. If the quality is not guaranteed, the return and replacement freight rates will be very high, and there are many unnecessary troubles. Low -end synonym, of course, the price is also cheap, and the excellent mid -to -high -end boutique factories are basically concentrated in Guangdong. Therefore, everyone must be targeted when purchasing, and do it based on their own positioning and consumer groups.

    The partnership management must be clear: two people or more partnerships, before opening the store, you must talk clearly on the issue of money. The more clearly talk about it, the longer you can do Through the matter and quarrel. Don't think that this is a trivial matter. Listening to everyone is the same. It is definitely different. To engage in the articles of association similar to a joint -stock company, the authority is set up to reduce the problem to invisible. In addition, partnership with friends, do everything to make a step -by -step preparation, not good friends will not cooperate together.

    Is to join: Many people don't know if they should join the store, in fact, they are beneficial and disadvantaged. Choose the benefits of joining the store, the headquarters will provide free membership cards, POP image cards, promotional inkjet painting and other materials, annual sales to 150,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan, and a certain amount of return; the disadvantage is that it must pay 10,000 yuan to 1. 50,000 yuan franchise fee, in addition to thousands of yuan. Of course, if you have vision and sales experience, you can open the store without joining.

    The marketing method of various business methods:

    ① Experience marketing method: Please match customers to match the accessories, and select the best matching awards to deepen the store and it in the subconsciousness The impression of service quickly expands the public awareness of the brand and service projects. ② Club membership system: develop customers in the form of recruiting club members, and can lock in relatively fixed customer bases. ③ Member mutual benefit activities: return to the old members and absorb more new members. New and old customers can enjoy the corresponding discounts at the same time and create a continuous miracle of new customers. ④ Cycling service system: Do a good job of after -sales service for customers, and can provide value -added services, win extensive social support, and win business reputation is the beginning of winning wealth. ⑤ Organization and operation law: It can use good geographical relationships and various advantageous resources to take the initiative to attack, expand the impact, and create a glory of success. ⑥ Joint operation method: It can form a joint venture with nearby cafes, cinemas, Internet cafes, and other commercial organizations with common customer bases. For example, buying a prescribed accessory may get a movie ticket or 2 -hour network card.

    It, it is recommended to open online marketing online stores on Taobao. After all, everyone is doing business. If you can earn more, you can earn more. At all times, pay attention to the trend, recommend the "Pop Adopy" published by the Chinese Jewelry Network, "Chinese and Foreign Jewelry Fashion" published in Shanghai. Compared with "Popular Jewelry", "Chinese and Foreign Jewelry Fashion" and "Fashion Home" " , But it is not practical, because the introduction is basically luxury goods. Of course, for ordinary boutique owners, you can understand some luxury market conditions. The place where the purchase is generally in Guangzhou, Fujian, and Zhejiang. Manufacturers, the price is relatively cheap, the express delivery is fast, and the price is not very expensive. You can collect more information about this aspect. You can also consider buying online. The varieties are relatively uniform. The big one is directly cooperated with the factory. You can recommend a reference for you. "It's okay), open a store and start a business to learn more about the industry is also good for yourself! Intersection Intersection
    Bless you will succeed early ~! ~

  2. First of all, of course, we must make a good plan, such as considering what areas, how big, and what types of opening, and only by determining this can you make detailed planning and cost budgets. For example The goal will help you better determine your plan.

    is sure that it is selected. This emphasizes a lot. For a store, the selection of the right location can be said to be less effective for future operations, because there are many commonality in good positions, such as the population flow, such as the population flow, such as the population flow, such as the population flow, such as the population flow, such as the population flow, such as the population flow, such as the population flow, such as population flow, such as population flow, such as population flow, such as population flow, such as population flow. Large sex, prosperous location, convenient transportation, etc. These are important references for passenger traffic, so good positions are very important.
    It is the problem of commodity. The biggest advantage of boutique stores is that it is cheap, but for entrepreneurs, only if you find a good supply to ensure that the price and quality of the product can be reached. Generally speaking In terms of market, e -commerce, distributors and cooperative brands, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    The opening boutique is easy and easy to say, it is difficult to say that it is better to choose brand cooperation without experience.

  3. First of all, there must be good supply, there are more goods. In fact, the plane position is good, the traffic is more, and the floor decoration must be exquisite, which can set off your product. In fact, it is very high to open boutique stores. Little business, like a tool I have ever seen, painted the wall with a tool. If you want to do business, you may wish to see a tool drawing on the wall. I was very surprised when I saw the painting. Because the painting is very novel and fashionable, I can make such beautiful paintings without thinking about a few simple tools. It is really distinctive. The painting is called Tianyi background. I feel that the market prospect must be very good.

  4. I feel that there must be a detailed budget first. Since it is your own store, it must have saved a lot of expenses, and then it is to investigate. There are several boutique shops around. How about business?
    It is true and true, but you do n’t need to be rich. As long as you have personality, it is very delicate. I feel that such a store will attract customers. Then it is to examine the market. What kind of accessories are popular now. Students like it. Only understanding customers like it. What can I move their hearts. The more tricks, the better. Then there is a small profit and more. Middle school students, the consumption level is not very high. I give it a name u003CYouth Tune>, only for reference.
    . Finally, I wish the landlord. Open the door, the business is booming !! Haha !!

  5. In fact, the secret to opening a shop next to the school is to make a piece with students, so that the business will be good. You can first observe what students in this school like to do or what they like after school. It's strange, fine, so students are now buying it at all as long as they want, and the shop should not be too big. The small family makes people look small and fine. I can take it now at the current pop. I am very bad anyway, I wish you a red fire in the end, and remember the first point.

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