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  1. Lvqin watch is a watch brand from Switzerland. Its fame is not great, and there are not many people know. Green piano watch produces imitation watches and also produces independent designed watches. The price span is also relatively large. So is the green piano watch good? What is the green piano watch?

    in the early 1930s, Mr. Swiss watchmakers adhering to the spirit of the Swiss watchmaking family, and created the Swiss green piano watch Set up. For more than half a century, the Swiss Green Piano watch has been designed with its creative elegance and combined with precision operating. Relying on superb craftsmanship, it has created a long -lasting, durable and excellent classic timepiece.

    Is green piano watches? How about the green piano watch?

    The designers of the Swiss green piano watch inherited the design concept of the ancestors, after continuous improvement and innovation, Based on the perfect combination of traditional watchmaking technology and modern technology, it has created more series of products with higher quality, more reliable performance, and more perfect design. The green piano and quartz watches or mechanical watches produced now use non -worn sapphire crystal glass mirrors. Some series uses high -hardness tungsten alloy case straps, or 316L stainless steel case straps. ;此外,绿琴表表面钻石的镶嵌更是采用传统的珠宝工艺镶嵌方式而非普通粘附;同时为了保证绿琴表的质量和信誉,瑞士绿琴表在生产的各个阶段,各种材质和The parts are strictly selected to ensure the perfection of each part. Each movement must be strictly tested by a professional mechanical technician. The assembly of the shell is tight and unpretentious, and the professional level of pressure testing is tested.

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