What is the quotation of the TOSCOW 904 red gold diamond ring market?

I bought it at the TOSCOW counter in DFS in Hong Kong, and folded 40 % off. The price was 10,000 yuan. I do n’t know if it is worth it. I ca n’t find relevant information on the Internet.
18k red gold, the main stone is 9 South African diamonds, 0.46 card; the auxiliary stone is 26 diamonds in total 0.1 card; the color is H

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  1. The red gold you said should be rose gold, is it a bit like the color of copper? The current price of gold is 200 yuan per gram, and 18K gold contains 75%of gold, so the price will not exceed 200 yuan, and Hong Kong should be cheaper.
    As for the diamonds, it is a broken diamond. 9 capsules are 0.46 carats, which are only 5 points for each one or two hundred yuan. The auxiliary stone is even more worthless, 26 capsules are 0.1 carats. If you write it wrong, it is less than 0.4 minutes. One carat is 0.2 grams, a point is 0.002 grams, and 0.4 points are 0.0008 grams. Oh my god, if it wasn't for 26 capsules together, I was afraid that I could not see it! I do n’t know how the store judges the H color. Even H color is not worth any money.
    The entire finished product may be worth two or three thousand yuan. However, I think there are so many broken drills, his workmanship should be very good, and the style should be good. In addition, it is normal for the brand added value. It is too much to sell a thousand. It's too unkind.
    The I heard that this brand has always been not very cheap. If you value its own value, don't buy it. If you value his brand and style, it is difficult to buy your heart. Like Difani, the small silver chain will be thousands of thousands. Everyone knows that the money is not worth that money, but there are still so many people who buy it for this brand and style.

  2. The landlord should not believe "diamond origin theory". Only the big drill will emphasize the place of production. This is the hype of the merchant. 18K red gold refers to rose gold. Your diamond ring big diamond: 3600, 1200 small diamonds, plus about 500 manual fees. The total price is about 5,300 yuan. You are a brand bought in the mall. The price is almost the same!

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