3 thoughts on “My mother -in -law asked her husband for gold necklace, is it or not buying it?”

  1. If you do n’t buy it, you do n’t appreciate you after buying it. Over the New Year, my mother -in -law has been hiding my husband for seven months of big belly and my parents to buy a necklace for my mother -in -law. Ah, my mother -in -law was crying. People were not crying. They were grieving and crying in front of their own house. I was so surprised that I was crying. Later, I finally persuaded it. Take it away, that's too much, people really don't take away when they walk. Essence I have a quarrel with my husband for a while. What do you mean? People are not buying a daughter -in -law. No one mentioned it. I buy it by himself. Her husband was in a hurry and scolded his mother, and this time his son took her away. Essence From then on, I came to a conclusion that no matter what the mother -in -law took the initiative or how to get dripping, I firmly did not buy things for my mother -in -law, and I didn't know how to do it. Essence

  2. With your current conditions, your mother -in -law is to mention it ten times and don't buy her. Essence Isn't this chaos? Essence Essence It's really troublesome. Essence I want to wear jewelry to buy it myself. Essence Essence Essence

  3. Why is my mother -in -law TMD this virtue? She wiped her face to her mother -in -law, and she also deliberately put the drawer without taking it away. She deliberately showed me. Everything else was cleaned and took away. I want to buy her again, I break my hands at myself

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