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  1. Generally speaking, when you get married, you will buy some ring jewelry and the like, but some MMs are complaining that they do n’t buy it when they get married, so
    What is the three golds of the three golds? When new people usually buy Sanjin? What is the meaning of Sanjin? First of all, this is the long -established custom inheritance. From ancient times to the present, when her son is married The daughter -in -law's love and attention! Furthermore after getting married, the daughter -in -law wearing gold and silver also showed that her husband's family was wealthy, which is a auspicious symbol! There is also a folk saying that the wife should be stuck, so that the two people can always be there forever Together! But for the newcomers to get married, it is understandable to buy some jewelry. Maybe I can't bear it after marriage! Do you want to buy three golds in marriage?
    . Customs issues: There are many places in many places now. When I want to buy Sanjin for my mother -in -law, if I do n’t buy it, it seems that I am not satisfied with this daughter -in -law. So if there are special requirements for local customs, it is better to respect the customs. Of course, it is not necessary to buy your mother -in -law. The same is true for your husband to buy it for you.
    3. Preservation: Many people think that gold Ban RMB is preserved. Even if you do n’t wear it, you can use it as investment and financial management. For example, when people buy gold before, they are only more than 200, and now the unit price of gold is generally floating around 400. But sometimes it is high, and it may be a lot of discounts when encountering the promotion, so in fact, it needs to be considered or not value, and generally we do not buy too much. If it is purely for financial management Buy gold bars and the like!
    5. Don't compare: There is a word: The reason why people are unhappy is because we always think that others are better than us! Indeed, if we do not always look at others, how do we look at others? It may be much less troublesome! Don't blindly compare the three gold problems. If you have that condition, you should buy it. If you really do n’t buy it because you really do n’t buy it! Life, then I decide that after buying it, I don’t have to buy it very heavy. The weight is sufficient or what the brand must be! I think it is suitable for myself. For example, if the necklace is too thick, it is not good to wear it. Oh, the bracelet is the same. If you wear yourself, you are afraid of being snatched by others, so do n’t blindly compare it. Sanjin has to do his best!

  2. The "three gold" in the traditional sense refers to: gold ring, gold necklace, gold earrings.
    This or not to buy three gold can be determined according to actual personal hobbies and economic conditions.

    "Three Gold" is usually prepared by her in -laws as the future daughter -in -law to express their love and attention to daughter -in -law.
    Werer Sanjin jewelry is mainly the "custom" leftover left by tradition. Many young people do not pay attention, but the happiness and happiness of marriage itself are the most important. It is just that the Chinese are used to the preciousness of gold to symbolize the love of lovers. Therefore, for the "three gold", it can be determined according to actual personal hobbies and economic conditions. It is not necessary to follow the trend and blindly compare.

  3. Wedding three gold can be divided into: ring, necklace, earrings; also: rings, bracelets, necklaces, the definition of three gold in each region is different, mainly depending on local customs. Basically, there will be a marriage of three golds. It is a symbol of auspiciousness, and it is also the man's attention to the woman. Long Fengxiang focuses on creating three golds in marriage.

  4. 1. Three golds in marriage include gold rings, gold necklaces, and gold earrings. Ring is an indispensable item in marriage. As for whether you can choose to buy according to your own situation.

    2 The gold ring has a good meaning, it represents the love of love; putting the ring on the other party's ring finger, which means that you only love one person throughout your life. This is a symbol of a token.

    3 Gold earrings symbolize the words that hope that the other party can listen to their own words, whether it is sweet words or grievances. In addition, the earrings are at the human earlobe, and the heart is closer, representing listening to the voice.

    4 After being worn by the gold necklace, it is directly near the heart, representing the closest to the heart of the other person, let the other person only love themselves.

  5. Traditional marriage "three gold" refers to necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets, earrings, necklaces. In China, marrying girls collect righteousness, and the valuables of hiring gifts represent the strength and sincerity of the man to a certain extent. It is also related to the woman's face and glory. The marriage of the three golds is the highlight of the gift. The woman's family showed off happiness and sweetness.
    three golds are generally used as wedding jewelry to the bride. According to the ancient wedding wedding, the bride was worn by the bride on the day of the ancient wedding. It is said that it is to show respect for the in -laws. Therefore, the marriage of Sanjin can be handed over to the bride before the marriage between the two parties, so that the bride can wear it on the day of marriage.
    The reasons for marriage and sending three gold:
    1, three gold is a symbol of family status, which represents the man's good economic strength to marry the bride. It is valuable and not outdated. Therefore, it has been passed on to the present, and it has also expressed a good wish for love, indicating that the newcomer can be happy after marriage.
    2. When buying Sanjin, you should not be too stingy. Nowadays, people's living standards are not bad, so you cannot buy too small styles when buying Sanjin. You should choose a simple and atmospheric style. Be sure to choose the full gold stipulated by the country, the heavier the better, so that the groom's atmosphere can be displayed.
    3, so according to the tradition, the session of the three golds must not be less. If some women's families do not receive Sanjin, they will have an opinion on the groom's house. Do not want to marry your daughter.

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