5 thoughts on “Is it wrong to buy Sanjin for her daughter -in -law when she got married?”

  1. There is nothing wrong with this. When I got married this year, I also bought my wife. It didn't cost much money. It was enough for more than 10,000 yuan. This is just a form, and it is not necessary to buy it, right? There is a sense of the same sense, of course, if your family is very rich

  2. Do you love your husband, why do you want to marry him?
    Wedding is not for the marriage of Sanjin. Don't because of this little thing, affect your mood of getting married, and the relationship with your mother -in -law in the future.
    The mother -in -law has not been realized now, do you know whether it is economic or other reasons? But you shouldn't be arguing with her, which will affect your mother's view of you, and your husband will also become a sandwich bread.
    does not care too much about love. You are willing to marry his house. Do you still care about Sanjin? Friends, you may feel that there are no three golds, no face. You can earn it by yourself! Put up your own old books and buy yourself. There will be more face -to -face after in the in -laws.
    The brave, calm and calm solution to your problems with your in -laws now.
    I wish you a happy forever, happy wedding

  3. Buying Sanjin is necessary. We must buy it in this. It's not that you don't know, it's your mother -in -law unreasonable. Don't yield. Buying Sanjin should be. There are others, why don't you? You are no worse than others. So you must strengthen your position. Besides, you are a reasonable party.

  4. Boring, who does n’t want good things, you know you want it, you might as well buy a substantial product in life. The wife has no taste, the daughter -in -law has no taste, noisy, and noisy. I asked for a gold necklace, and nothing else had nothing to do. He said that the money would be spent in the future to buy a house, and when the money was money, I bought it for me. I Que, who praised my wife's suggestion at the time. Yes, can we wear gold and silver, is there a luxurious meat, cut, there must be a reason for not buying, not your fault, or your mother -in -law's fault, one does not want to buy, one is partial, what do you do? The joke shows people, asking me to say that your mother -in -law is wrong, you are wrong, noisy, noisy, good people never quarrel, fight, are all people with no taste. Essence Don't say it, don't want to let others make a joke, just converge.

  5. Haha, we didn't have it. Later came in from other places. I didn't want three gold when I got married, but I bought me a good phone and gave it 2,000 yuan, saying that I bought a ring. There is no ring in my rural areas. I bought a silver on the day of marriage. It is a wedding ring.

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