One thought on “Don't know what brand of gold jewelry can be sold? Where can I receive Wuxi?

  1. Gold recycling prices and styles, brands are not related. So is it a big -name effect? The recovery price of gold is determined by the price of gold and gold on the day. It needs to be dependent on weight, gold content, real thing, and so on. That is, the greater the value of pure gold recovery will be higher. Many merchants can recycle gold jewelry, gold recycling companies, pawn banks, and gold jewelry processing stores. They can directly recover gold. Some brand gold shops also have their own new service, but they are usually during holidays, and there are brand restrictions. It may not be cost -effective as a whole. You can take the idle gold at home to the store's stores for valuations. There are physical stores in large recycling companies, and the recycling price is more reasonable.

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