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  1. To reduce the ring size, you need to cut off the ring to cut off a little gold, and then weld the section. After that, you need to re -fix it. But the ring is not the number of numbers if you want to change. When the designer finished designing the ring, it has been determined to change a few numbers. For example, a ring can be changed to 2 numbers. If you have to change 4 numbers, it may not be tight after changing.
    Extension information:
    The price of the ring size, usually there are several factors that need to be considered, size, weight, and the material of the ring itself. The price of modifying platinum rings is higher than the price of modifying the gold ring. Because platinum needs to be more careful when welding.
    This also requires special protection to modify the rogue of the ring. For example, only diamonds, sapphires and rubies can withstand the temperature when welding the ring. Other gems need to be removed from the ring, then protect it, and then use laser to weld it with the ring. These protection measures will increase costs because these gems may be burned or destroyed after heating.

  2. The size of the ring can be modified, divided into large and small. Most of the after -sales service of most jewelry stores contains free changes to the ring number. Generally, there is no pattern with a pattern. Generally, there is no problem with one or two large numbers. If it is a more complicated precepts, it is not suitable for changing the size.
    How to change the diamond ring 1. How to adjust the diamond ring
    It if the diamond ring is fine -tuned, then you can use the knocking method to directly place the ring on the appropriate size of the measurement stick, and use the tool to knock. This method can be possible. Expand 1-2 fingers, but the ring of ring cannot be too thin, otherwise it will also affect wearing; when the diamond ring size is changed, the cutting method can be used to cut the ring from the appropriate position, welding a section of the section of the welding section , To make the ring bigger, this method is safer, it does not affect the diamond ring itself, and the manufacturers with good craftsmanship will not have any welding traces.
    2, how to adjust the diamond ring
    The diamond ring is generally intercepting a ring with professional tools, and then welded together. You can also put a layer of metal ring with the same color material in the ring, and you can also achieve the purpose of changing the diamond ring, and it will not have any impact on the diamond ring itself.

  3. First of all, if the ring is large and wants to change, you can adopt the method of stock and the method of the padding. The method of cutting money is to cut the ring and intercept a small part of the ring, polish, and polishing. If you do n’t want to cut off, you can use the method of the pad. The pad is based on the number of your fingers, and then create a ring ring, and the inner wall of the ring is cushion. In this way, the ring is thick, and it is natural to wear it on your hand.

    If the ring if you want to change, you can get it at home with strong hands -on ability, find a cylinder of about the same size as the inner diameter of the ring, put it in the inner wall of the ring, and then use cotton cloth with cotton cloth Wrap the ring with a small hammer around the ring, you can let the ring be expanded slightly; in addition, you can also use the method of replenishment. Similarly, you can cut the ring and then make up the same material to expand the ring.

  4. The ring size is not suitable, and the size can be changed. The size of the ring is small. The jewelery repairman of the Golden Mercharian uses the gold method to change the large size, cut the ring ring around, and then add the precious metal of the same material, and then welded and polished. The ring size is too large. You can use the gold cutting method. The gold cut method is to cut off a ring ring, and then welded both ends and polished and polished. However, the ring holding structure is complicated, or the ring of ceramic materials is not suitable for the use of gold method and gold -cutting method to change the size. The size of the ring can be used to reduce the size. First measure the inner wall of the ring, then make a cushion, and then embed the ring on the inner wall of the ring. This can reduce the ring size without being affected by the ring trachatic structure.

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