Advanced Drive Dynamics: The ND53-1-80.9 2200W BLDC/AC Transaxle Redefines Electric Mobility

The ND53-1-80.9 2200W BLDC/AC Transaxle delivers optimal performance for electric vehicles, offering powerful 2200W output and high torque. Its dual compatibility with BLDC and AC power enhances flexibility, making it ideal for utility vehicles, small electric buses, and premium personal transporters.


The ND53-1-80.9 2200W BLDC/AC Transaxle is at the forefront of electric drivetrain technology, offering a high-powered solution for a diverse range of electric vehicles. This transaxle combines the efficiency of a BLDC motor with the flexibility of AC power input, making it a versatile choice for both personal and commercial applications where performance and efficiency are critical.

Product Overview

Designed to deliver a superior driving experience, the ND53-1-80.9 transaxle integrates a 2200W motor capable of handling varied terrains and loads with ease. It’s engineered for vehicles that demand robust performance without compromising on energy efficiency, such as utility vehicles, small electric buses, and high-end personal transporters.


Specification Detail
Motor Type BLDC/AC Motor
Power Output 2200W
Operating Voltage 48V-72V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 45 km/h
Torque 75 Nm
Efficiency Over 87%
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Dimensions 600mm x 280mm x 250mm
Application Suitability Utility vehicles, small electric buses, high-end personal transporters

Key Advantages

  • High Energy Efficiency: With an efficiency rate exceeding 87%, it maximizes battery life and reduces energy costs.
  • Robust Power Output: Offers 2200 watts of power, providing ample force for acceleration and sustained speed.
  • Versatile Power Compatibility: Supports both BLDC and AC inputs, enhancing adaptability across different electrical systems.
  • Substantial Torque: Delivers 75 Nm of torque, enabling powerful performance across various applications.

Design and Performance Superiority

The ND53-1-80.9 transaxle is crafted with durability and performance in mind. Its advanced motor design ensures minimal maintenance while maximizing output. The integration of thermal management systems keeps the motor operating at ideal temperatures, thus extending its life and enhancing reliability.


This transaxle is ideally suited for:

  • Utility Vehicles: Enhances capability in applications such as municipal service vehicles and small transport shuttles.
  • Small Electric Buses: Provides the necessary power for efficient operation in urban and suburban settings.
  • High-End Personal Transporters: Offers top-tier performance for luxury personal mobility devices.

While the 2200W output of the ND53-1-80.9 makes it an excellent choice for mid-range applications, it may not be suited for the smallest vehicles or those requiring the lightest possible components. However, its robust construction and efficient performance make it an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to enhance the capabilities and appeal of their electric vehicle offerings.

This transaxle embodies the evolution of electric mobility, offering both power and efficiency in a package designed to meet the demands of modern electric vehicles. It represents a significant step forward, enabling manufacturers to deliver vehicles that are both powerful and environmentally friendly.


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