3 thoughts on “Where can I sell the diamond ring on my hand”

  1. It depends on how big your diamonds are. Generally, small broken diamonds with less than 30 points are worthless, which means that your ring should not sell for the second -hand market. It can sell a little bit, but it will also be far from your purchase price. Unless your ring is Tiffany or Cartier, if it is a brand like Zhou Dafu, Lao Fengxiang, the diamond is recycled by platinum. Platinum is also platinum. Gold price, or something. Diamonds must be detected. If the 4C parameters are good, the recovery price will be high. Anyway, you still find a regular recycling company. There are many places in Nanjing. There are many places. Determine the specific price, maybe hundreds of dollars, you don’t want to deal with it

  2. There are many idle diamond ring treatment methods, which can be sold or recycled by themselves. At present, there are many channels that can be recycled. There are many domestic Shenzhen water scallops, and there are many more comparison prices.
    Diamond ring recycling price, this is mainly divided into two pieces:
    ⑴ naked diamond recycling price, which mainly depends on the 4C parameters of the diamond (carat weight, color, clarity, cut) and whether fluorescence, etc. Instead of considering brand and other factors. If it is the GIA certificate, the diamond recovery price is higher.
    : The recycling price of the pretty tray depends on what material it is. At present, the mainstream trace material is: platinum and 18K gold. The recovery price is mainly affected by gold prices. This can be clearly calculated.
    The price of each diamond recycler each place is different. "Xintian Diamond" professional recycling diamonds, diamond ring, diamond jewelry and so on.

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