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  1. Gold Jewelry Gold
    AU proportion 19.32 Hardness 2.8 Meligation point 1064.43
    "24K" is the theoretical purity. Chow Tai Fook jewelry has a gold content of 100%, and it must not be used for gold jewelry marking.

    K gold -gold alloy
    K numbers are a way of representing the gold content, 1K = 1/24 = 4.167%.

    The color of K gold
    It in the gold alloy, by adjusting the content ratio of AG, CU, Ni, Zn, PD, CD, etc. People often say color gold. Common ones are yellow K gold, white K gold, red K gold, etc.

    Telection units and conversion
    The weight unit of gold is used in international use of "ounces", Hong Kong uses "Sima two", Zhou Dafu jewelry used to use "small two" and "money" in China. The standard measurement unit "kg" and "gram".
    1 ounce = 31.1035 grams 1 Sima Two = 37.5 grams
    1 kg = 1000g 1 catties = 16 two
    two = 31.25 grams 1 money = 3.125 grams

    platinum jewelry
    . Platinum is a metal that is more expensive than gold. Its true color is silver -white, so it is commonly known as "platinum".
    PT900 -platinum alloy: 90% of the platinum content, the common proportion of the common composition is:
    90% PT 10% PD
    90% PT 10% PD, CU
    90 % PT 10% PD, AU, AG, NI, CO, Zn

    Platinum and white K gold
    are white, which makes them more white and shiny. The surface is plated, commonly known as "electric platinum", which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It can be identified by regulatory marks, logos and professional inspection reports.
    The alloy of Platinum Platinum
    The alloy of white K gold does not contain platinum elements
    ★ Platinum's proportion is larger than gold, and platinum jewelry with the same volume is about 20%heavier than white K gold jewelry.
    ★ The chemical properties of platinum are stable than white K gold
    silver jewelry
    silver AG proportion of 10.49 hardness 2.7 melting point 961
    silver because of its gray white, so it is usually called "silver" Essence
    925 silver alloy
    containing AG 92.5%. Materials often selected in the jewelry industry are called standard silver.
    If the anti -oxidation method of silver jewelry
    Silver jewelry will turn black after wearing it for a while. This is caused by the sweat stains excreted by the human body and the sulfide in the air. The solution is:
    ★ surface plating Rh (铑);
    ★ surface plating Ni (nickel) RH;
    ★ surface plating AU (gold).

    It silver substitutes
    The white alloy without precious metals, exterior like silver, often used in restaurant imitation silver instruments.
    ★ Cu, Zn, NI alloy
    ★ SN, SB alloy

    precious metal jewelry marks
    mine notes composition: manufacturer code Diamond jewelry must be marked with "diamond weight" marks, with "carats" as a unit.
    Britable golden inspection mark system: British law stipulates that businessmen must have inspection and mark when selling gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. n Seal Composition: Manufacturer's Crown Crown Graphic Inspection Year Templates

    Nample of Jewelry: The name of the color material inlaid gemstone variety
    Quality: total quality G diamond weight CT
    The inlay diamond jewelry indicates "diamond weight", "clarity", "color"
    The total quality of the jewelry and the weight of the diamond must retain two digits
    3. Production or operating enterprise name: can be labeled behind the label

    Number: AF001 Number: AF002 Number: AF003
    Name: 18K gold emerald ring Name: PT900 diamond ring Name: PT900 sufficient gold necklace
    Quality: 4.58 grams Quality: 0.25CT Clear Vvs Color White Quality: 10.12 grams
    Single price: ¥ 2000 yuan Single price: ¥ 6300 unit price: ¥ 1800 yuan: ¥ 1800 yuan: ¥ 1800 yuan: ¥ 1800 yuan

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer AU's proportion of 19.32 hardness 2.8 melting point 1064.43 Refined to the national standard of 24K gold -9999 gold because of its distinctive yellow yellow, "24K" is the theoretical purity. The gold content of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry is 100%, which must not be used for gold jewelry marking.nQuestion 1.62 = How many gramsnAnswer a pound of six or two = 800 grams. Jack: City unit, 1 catties = 10 two = 0.5 kg (kg) = 500 grams (g), one catty six or two = 1.6 catties = 1.6*500g = 800 gramsn1 morenBleak

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