1 thought on “What details need to pay attention to when maintenance of emerald rings?”

  1. First, it is necessary to check whether there is a phenomenon of falling off.
    Themian green ring is a jewelry combined with emerald noodles and other materials. Some even match with emeralds and diamonds, which shows that its value is high. So in the face of such an expensive emerald ring, it is even more necessary to check it regularly. If there is any loose phenomenon, it is necessary to send it to the professional jade repair point in time to repair it, causing unnecessary losses on the surface.
    Itmmian green rings
    . Stay away from oil and high temperature
    The emerald rings are jewelry worn on the fingers, so they will be exposed to various environments in daily life. Especially in the kitchen, oil and high temperature are definitely deadly killers. Because the emerald ring is exposed to oil, it will affect its surface gloss, which largely reduces the aesthetics of the decorative decoration of the emerald ring. Secondly, when cooking in the kitchen, it is necessary to contact high temperature, and the high temperature environment seriously affects the internal structure of the emerald ring. In the long run, it will even cause cracks inside. Therefore, in order to avoid such damage, in the kitchen, it is best to remove the emerald ring and properly placed in a safe jewelry box.
    . The cleaning work cannot be missing
    I wash our face every day, just to keep the face clean and make people look comfortable. The same is true of emerald rings. Wearing it for a long time will have a majority dirt. If you do not do well, it will make the emerald rings dim and have no appreciation value. Therefore, the maintenance of emerald rings, the first thing to do is to clean it in time.

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