4 thoughts on “Those undergraduate universities have jewelry design?”

  1. There are so many! I tell you the most famous one!
    Belm of Belgium Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts! There is the world's most powerful jewelry design master (professor of the hospital) Aurent Max de Cock This professor is mainly playing modern jewelry!
    Because Belgium is a world jewelry, especially the distribution center of diamonds, the masters of this line are naturally activated in the country!
    It if you want to learn the tradition, you can choose the metal technology of Tokyo University of Art, where there are professors to teach tradition and modern jewelry technology.
    This schools are relatively difficult to test, and the comprehensive quality of people is very high.
    It, this major can specialize in most art colleges abroad! Relatively good exams, you can check the website of the Academy of Fine Arts yourself.
    It what else can you know if you want to know!

  2. Belgium Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts is very good, but do you eat Dutch? ==

    It Paris's
    * les ecoles du rue du louvre Jewelry jewelry union, the school is supported by the union. Very old, so it is great, of course, it is also very expensive ~

    * Lycée nicolas flashl is owned by Boulle.
    * Boulle URL: two years of academic system, paying attention to design, teachers are good
    * Mod-Art URL:/ This actually involves jewelry design, but it is not comprehensive because the major belongs to the accessories design of the accessories design , So including watches, leather bags, hats, etc. It is best to have the foundation of clothing design

    I only know France ==

  3. Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, etc., generally set up this major in universities. Generally, schools with arts are generally divided into three types of interior design, graphic design, and model design jewelry design. Design should learn jewelry design and finally wish you success

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