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  1. In order to ensure the successful holding of the event, we need to formulate the activity plan in advance. The event plan is to analyze each step of the specific activities to be carried out in detail, and the written plan formulated after the study. How should we write a event plan? The following is the planning plan for the 2021 Property Qixi Festival event (5 are selected). Welcome to share it.
    This Property Qixi Festival Activity Planning Plan 1 (1) Activity Background
    "Tanabata" Valentine's Day is full of mythical colors for love men and women in the city. The time of the Tanabata Valentine's Day City's handsome men and beautiful women express their minds. During this period, major businesses will set off a gift from Qixi Festival, beautiful transformation, lover pairing, and love declaration.
    The characteristics of the characteristics of Chinese traditional Tanabata Valentine's Day fully tap the product and services of the company (including the company's same city activities | marriage and friends, personal space, shopping mall beauty products are good opportunities) for integration and promotion, which will be unexpected Effect.
    (2) Activity theme
    The love Tanabata forging eternal love
    (3) Activity purpose
    successfully launched personal space to the public through this event, in a short time Improve the activity of space members, enhance the popularity of space, effectively talk about space activation
    This to effectively promote the ladies of ladies in the mall through the "Transformation of Love" link of this activity, and the company's Lotus that the company is promoting greatly at present Yebao product.
    In this event to effectively build a marriage and dating column in the same city activities, and enrich the information of the column.
    (4) Activity time
    20xx, July 18th to August 18th
    (5) sponsoring company
    XX beauty product company; XX spring photography company; xx big restaurant Essence
    (6) Event content
    1, ★ Online part ★
    Personal space:
    ① Space Love Declaration Wall. On the space setting activity page, there is a love declaration wall on the event page. After registering, netizens can write down their expectations of love, or write down the declaration of their love for love. After filling, there will be a chance to display on the homepage of the event. And by netizens as the most classic love declaration, the opportunity to publish in the "Cooperative Newspaper". This is a good theme of netizens to the website.
    ② After registered by netizens, you can participate in the "Love Under the XX Tree" blog creation contest. The top ten of the blog contest will invite the party event site on August 7, 16, and 17 for awards and talent display.
    ③ registered as a member of XX ×. In the event, find user information for other netizens and find the object you like.
    ④ Click "Dating with me" to write down the invitation of love, and meet with XX × Qixi New Year Shanghai also on the spot on the spot. Name) will become a popular king, invited to participate in offline dating parties, and there will be a prize waiting for you to win.
    ⑤ Please pay attention to check the small note on the personal page, accept or refuse the invitation of others.
    ⑥ In addition, the top 100 registered in the personal page can also be free to get a "True Love Space Template" tailored for you for free, and you can set the love declaration on the template.
    The same city event:
    ⑦ Publish news in the XX × City event gathering column. The company will hold a large -scale "Love Tanabata forging Eternal Love" theme party during the Qixi Valentine's Day.
    ⑧ At the same time, members can publish information for sex in the marriage and dating column. After being invited, they can call directly to sign up for the event.
    The mall promotion:
    ⑨ In order to cooperate with this activity to push the climax, invite the Lotus Leaf Treasure Enterprise of the Loch to sponsor the event, and add the "Transformation for Love for Love" in the event. The beauty product.
    友 When a netizen clicks the online activity of "Tanabata Love for Love Transformation", immediately earn the mall's "Tanabata Love for Love Transformation" activity page. There is a "transformation" wonderful recipe created by the company for netizens. You can give yourself the most beloved woman, or you can buy it yourself. You can enjoy the preferential price when buying during the event.
    . ★ Offline ★ Tanabata Bright Night
    The event ideas:
    . The offline part of the event is sponsored by the big red restaurant, and it can be promoted at the event site You can also successfully promote the finished lotus leaf treasures of the Lotus Leaf and achieve double harvest.
    2. At the same time, you can arrange other beauty product companies to participate in the "Fashion Show".
    3. Contact with a wedding photography company, and the wedding photography company provides event camera and wedding dresses throughout the process.
    4. Statistics to all members of the party before August 1, and inform them of the time and place of the party to participate in the party. On August 3, contact the party members to finalize the time and place to ensure that the activities are all lost.
    5. Offline party time: On the afternoon of August 7, 16th (Attachment: Specifically, the staff phone notification is subject to!)
    activity link:
    ) Say love -love under xx trees
    2) At that moment to eternity -wedding show
    3) Tacoly consistent with each other -wonderful game links
    ) The gorgeous turn of the ugly duckling ——The fashion show
    5) Romantic and dancing with true love -live party
    6) Dazzling, exciting -endless small prizes, on -site lottery links, high -end worth 2,000 yuan worth 2,000 yuan The cosmetics suit is waiting for you.
    Muker string word: (omitted)
    The site layout and personnel (slightly)
    The equipment required for activity (slightly)
    ★ Later Communication ★
    Moving articles in "Cooperative Newspapers" and various online media: "Through XX × × 识, a hundred newcomers went to the red carpet and forged eternal love."
    (7) Execution and process of activity (slightly)
    The netizen activity process (slightly)
    (8) Media publicity (slightly)
    cooperative newspapers, other cooperative media.
    (9) The cost budget is slightly
    Prefidities of the Qixi Festival activity of the Qixi Festival 2. Guiding ideas
    Deepen the theme of the "Our Festival" theme, which is fundamental to the construction of a socialist core value system. "Our Festival · Qixi Festival" theme event. By carrying out a series of rich and colorful activities, the cultural connotation such as the loyalty of love and family happiness in the Qixi Festival, guide people to cognitive tradition, respect the tradition, inherit the tradition, promote the tradition, promote the healthy growth of modern family concepts, and form the upward in the whole society. The spiritual strength and the spiritual bond of unity and harmony.
    . The theme of event
    The theme of "love loyalty and family happiness", guide people to pursue a beautiful life of love loyalty and fullness in family.
    . Event content
    The activities of "Love on Tanabata, Chinese Classic Reading" activity. The branch bureau organizes the collection or reading activities of love poetry to promote loyal love view; various departments organize the Chinese classic recitation activities such as chanting classic love poems and chanting beautiful love stories, guide people to experience the charm of traditional cultural charm, and strive to pursue positive life pursuits. The noble emotional realm and healthy life are passed on to the cadres and the masses.
    . Activity requirements
    1. Pay attention to and organize carefully. "Our Festival · Qixi Festival" is an important part of the "Our Festival" theme activity advocated by the Civilization Office of the Branch Bureau. It is an important carrier of the mass spiritual civilization creation activities. Each department shall combine the creation activities of the civilized unit under our bureau. , Strengthen leadership, organize carefully, and achieve extensive participation, diverse forms, colorful, and profound education. Each department shall organize the content of activities carefully to deepen the Chinese classics during the festival.
    2. Highlighting the theme and various forms. It is necessary to focus on cultivating the noble sentiments of the people, highlight the theme of love loyalty, family happiness, and social harmony. We must pay attention to the content, form and carrier of innovative activities, closely combining Chinese traditional culture with modern civilization, leading the civilized style, and cultivating noble sentiments , Improve the literacy of civilization.
    3. Strengthen publicity and create an atmosphere. It is necessary to increase publicity, give full play to the role of various media, widely publicize the activities of various units and departments to carry out the activities of "Our Festival · Love in the Qixi Festival", report the festival experience of the masses and the masses in a timely manner, and create a strong festival atmosphere.
    Activity theme:
    The impression that men and women have nothing to do with love
    Activity significance:
    1. Enhance the understanding, communication and communication between employees, and help coordinate the relationship between men and women.
    2. More exchanges and contacts with employees have a positive effect on the ability of our employees, and at the same time, it also has a positive impact on our employees' future career.
    Activity content:
    (1) Activity Time: August 2, 20xx
    (2) Location: China Net Manager Conference Room
    (3) Event Persons: Zhongzhong All employees of the Internet Manager
    (4) Our personnel: Planning Department
    (5) Main steps for event preparation:
    A, August 2nd Program Approval and theme Activities Participating Rules
    B. August 4th recruit theme activities participants and select appropriate personnel and collect basic information, and at the same time produce theme activities PPT.
    C, August 5th personnel and materials implementation
    D. The event meeting of the layout of August 6th. n A. Opening music
    B. The host's opening is white
    C. Girls sit well according to the position stipulated in advance, and the host introduces the professional, hobbies, special lengths, constellations, motto, additional photos, additional photos, additional photos of each player. Wait for personal information to play on multimedia.
    D. Boys enter the sequence in the order of pre -drawing, (and play boys' appearance music can you feel it) to introduce themselves first, including their own professional, hobbies, advantages and disadvantages, constellations, ideal dating girls, You can have a comprehensive introduction to yourself.
    E. After taking office, the boy wrote a girl number he liked on the card and gave it to the host.
    f. At the same time, girls choose to introduce themselves by self -introduction, and show their support or not support.
    g. Is the host checking the number of the number (the girl number selected by the boy and the boys supported by the girl) to see if the dating is successful. If the results are not announced, the host will ask the girls (the girls who have voted for his votes mainly), and the girls and the boys ask each other.
    H, (optional) Boys can show his talents, or play PPT or short films.
    L. The boy helped the girl to help the girl understand him. Finally, the boy chose a girl from the girl who still supports him. The opinions, if the dating is successful, play the song (the pair of men and women sitting in the alley) and receive prizes; if all girls no longer support this boy, play (unfortunately not you), and receive prizes, make friends It ends here.
    i, interactive programs and interactive links in the event (adventure of sincerity)
    J, summary speech
    K, end of the event
    Note: And the host Takamoto
    2. The event interspersed program (optional)
    1: Tanabata theme activity track
    2: Qixi theme activity execution plan
    3: Tanabata theme event host Taimoto
    is the day when a cowboy and weaver girl meets, and another night when a lover holds hands. Do you want to meet the ideal in a special day? If you want to be true, let's create this "fate" for you, you will fight for that "love"! Love is a feeling, even if it is painful, you will feel happy; love is a kind of experience, even if you have broken heart, you will feel sweet
    The remembers how many nights do you look forward to the entry of the (him) in your heart? Remember how many nights you remember the one in her (he) in her heart and couldn't fall asleep? I dare not say to her (he) that the love in your heart is always surrounded by our throat and cannot swallow. That feeling must make you unable to breathe. Don't let the love in your heart stranded in that deep night, love her (him), tell her (him), tell her (he) in your own way of this Chinese Valentine's Day.
    The activity
    . The content must be related to the theme of this festival.
    . Participating works must be original. You can say in one sentence, an article, or a small poem.
    . This event can only submit one article.
    . Activity time: August 4th to August 2nd.
    five, the award time: August 3, 20xx.
    6. Awards: Each person gets love candy and a rose.
    Ilads: If the protagonist of the love letter responds, it will be rewarded by this couple.
    This Property Qixi Festival Activity Planning Scheme 3 Activity Time: August 18 -21
    Activity theme: Valentine's Day Promotion
    Comed Wait for gifts.
    125 yuan -You love me enjoy the first love ice cream Chinese mobile phone pendant.
    365 yuan -I love you every day to enjoy a ice cream boat Sofit water white crystal one box couple calls a pair.
    521 yuan -I love you to enjoy one pair of acacia ice cream in the snow couple calls a pair pond king wine a bottle Sofit water white crystal.
    721 yuan —— dear enjoyment of Eden ice coffee couple sterling silver pair one pair.
    999 yuan -A long time to enjoy the water hibiscus ice cream in the water one bottle of the king of the pond, one bottle of the dry white one brand belt.
    1314 yuan —— Lifetime enjoys Zheng Mingming three -piece set a couple's call flashes a pair Dengxi Road money clip.
    It other activities:
    1. Selection of the best couple dress show
    The first 10 couples registered on February 1 -7th to the 7th can participate in the competition, requesting that they must be matched with couples.
    2. Valentine's Day free gift packaging office
    In order to add romance to your Valentine's Day, we will set up free packaging places on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th floors.
    3. Rose love!
    lines: Dark fragrance floating, flowers in fragrance, under the sun, a beautiful rose rain, fluttering, in this day of Valentine's Day, join your rose love, come a trip, early spring in the early spring Romantic sunny journey.
    Directors: XX Department Store
    Character: Love Couple
    Preface: 20xx Spring and Summer Fashion Conference: Weekend 16: 30 ~ 17: 30, hold the XX spring and summer brand in XX Shopping Mall Plaza Fashion press conference.
    Program: During the event, when you buy 299 yuan on the same day, you can get a rose card, and you have the opportunity to get a lucky award worth 1600 yuan or a commemorative award of 100 yuan. At the same time, a gift from Valentine's Day gifts (a rose or chocolate box),
    background music: jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, clothing and other brands.
    The property planning plan for the Qixi Festival of Property 4 1. Promotional purpose
    In the theme of "Romantic Tanabata Night", closely grasp the psychology of "lover", start commodity promotion and event promotion, so Attract the passenger flow, increase the popularity, and achieve the purpose of sales. Vigorously launch the price reduction promotional activity of "price reduction storm", so that consumers feel a real price reduction discount.
    . Promotional time
    20xx August XD -day day
    . Propaganda period
    20xx year XX day

    Fourth, promotion theme
    1. Demonstration of love is rational
    2. Prepared gifts to let love announcement around the world
    . Commodity promotion
    "Qixi Valentine's Day" is a special one. The festival is a holiday for a gift from a lover. Therefore, the product promotion should be based on the theme of "database gifts".
    Each store should do a good job of creative display and highlighting the focus of the product to ensure the highest sales of festival products.
    1. Specials in commodities
    During Valentine's Day, setting a special price area for the consolidation of the backlog of goods in the store. This part of the product can be used by this event to keep the capital sales and make the soldiers really affordable.
    2. Topic display: August X -day -August xx
    M shops are prominently displayed in the main entrance of the Valentine's Day series of product theme display. Can be displayed in a prominent position.
    A. Valentine's Day theme display, with exquisite jewelry in the store as the main display object.
    B. Each store must pack at least 11 "jewelry sets" for theme display.
    6. "Love Headwear Bouquet"
    1. Mainly the headdress, the current price is sold at the original price of 6-7 %, and the artistic pen is written in an eye -catching price. Give a flower.
    2. Make a "love headwear bouquet" price table prepare the box in advance, packaging paper, and do the packaging work.
    3. Free delivery services, the accessories are required to exceed 100 yuan, and the delivery range does not exceed 2 kilometers.
    Seven. Activity promotion:
    1. Lover's playful balls
    made 100-200, balloons are used in the atmosphere of the store Valentine's Day and shopping gifts (the store is arranged by itself), the cost is 0.155 yuan /set.
    2. Member card gifts
    Wasites to buy Valentine's Day series (unlimited amount), you can give a member card. (Time: August 8th to 13th)
    Puke the registration of membership card information.
    8. Propaganda
    In order to strengthen the influence of activities, we must do a good job of publicity to attract more customers to actively participate in festival promotion. Franchise stores can choose the media freely. Example: Evening News, TV station subtitles, DM delivery, etc.
    1. Publicity slogan
    XXX jewelry with colored jump
    bright colors, exquisite workmanship, design from South Korea. During Valentine's Day, will such jewelry rise again? Take a look at these noble, cute and beautiful jewelry!
    The Valentine's Day
    What is it different from the public. What gifts can be given to smile? Save money and decent gifts, please see the baby jewelry recommended by HAFACE.
    . The layout of the store
    1. Prepared gifts to let love announcement in front of the world.
    A. Artist writing posters at the entrance of the store (including the specific content of preferential strategies);
    B, color banner: content is "show love! Price and rational price reduction storm"; Rent the heart -shaped balloons for store decoration;
    2. The hygiene in the counter and the store: To be neat, the door and window glass must be clean, and the dust is not dyed.
    3. Here, we still need to mention the service quality must be improved effectively.
    The joint operation
    The cooperation agreement with the local flower shop to provide products with each other to increase the sales volume of both parties.
    If you buy XXX yuan flowers, give a accessories or membership card provided by XXX;
    The flower or discount card provided by the XXX flower shop from XXX flower shop at XXX.
    The event planning plan for the Qixi Festival of Property 5 1. Activity theme:
    XXX Tanabata fashion theme party
    . Activity time:
    Activity purpose:
    1. In this event, improve the brand appeal of XXXKTV in the entertainment market.
    2. Increased a daily average turnover of 50%-70%.
    . Activity plan
    1. Special offer drink set meal.
    2. Women's entering the store is courteous.
    3, absolute cattle beer buy 3 gifts, buy 5 get 2, buy a box of 10 bottles.
    4. Interactive game, the love star in the shot.
    . Activity method
    1. Integrate customer resources of each department, and uniformly publish activity information to customers in the form of SMS.
    . The content of the activity of the recent consumption of consumption through the private room computer
    3. Carefully arrange the venue of the event to create a festive atmosphere
    . Chocolate)
    6. Related slogans
    Thiro romantic theme night in Qixi Valentine's Day, xxx dress, waiting for you, ladies enter the store with gifts/buy a package to play games/have the opportunity to get a single gift for the night/special wine, buy one Give 10 bottles/, xxxktv, bring you the most warm and romantic Tanabata Night total "Hui", what are you waiting for?
    7. Event content
    1. Female customers enter the store with gifts:
    This During the event, send small gifts for female consumers who come to all day. Such as: small gifts such as flowers and chocolates, so that customers can feel practical fun.
    2. Valentine's Day Specials Drinking Package Consumption; Set 3-5 Valentine's Day Specials for Valentine's Day Specials according to the consumption quota, and conduct consumption polite activities according to the consumption quota:
    A. Set three awards according to different ones depending on the different ones. The consumption quota is raised.
    first prize: consumption of more than 800 yuan to send red wine
    second prize: consumption of 500 yuan to get 50 yuan voucher
    three -level: consumption of 300 yuan to get 30 yuan XXX voucher
    3. Members are gifts
    It joining membership preferential policies and simultaneous promotion of membership cards simultaneously; (for example: membership consumption of 500 yuan to get 150 yuan voucher and give away popcorn; beer before 21:00 pm beer Buy 1 box of 10 bottles to get 10 bottles; get 50 generations of vouchers over 800 yuan and give away one red wine, etc.) (Specific preferential measures need to be confirmed to implement after further communication with the marketing department)
    (Limited to use only secondary consumption, at the same time, it must be limited on Friday and Saturday. To improve the popularity of non -holiday holidays.
    . Balls and water buying
    Buy 5 and get 2, buy a box to get 10 bottles
    5. Award interactive game:
    During the event, you can perform a prize event in the store. The ladies win the dart challenge.
    The event can participate in the lottery every 298 yuan on the night, hanging a dart target in the leisure area, and each guest who participated in the event shot the dart to the target disk. Exchange the corresponding gifts according to the scores on the target. The gift can be, doll or the store on behalf of the store;
    A. Activity rules:
    You can get 9 darts. Throw 3 innings, 3 darts in each game, and determine the final prize according to the total score of the three innings.
    B. The scoring method:
    The scores are 1-20 points, the inner circle of red center regions (target heart) of the dart target is 50 points, and the score of the green ring area of ​​the target heart is 25 points. There are two narrow rings on the dart target, and the outer ring is narrow. The ring is a double zone in the corresponding partition, and the inner ring narrow ring is three times the corresponding partition. Therefore, the highest point area on the dart plate is not the target 50 partition, but three times the zone of the 20th partition. The dart can score 60 points.
    C. Award settings (tentative):
    100-200 points of mobile phone pendants.
    200-300 points. 5 bottles.
    400-500 points of red wine.
    500 or more is equivalent to a voucher that is the same as the day.

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