1 thought on “Nakagawa jewelry diamond ring 46 points, H color, clarity vs, 9,000 yuan, is it worth buying?”

  1. Not worth it, first look at the 4C standard first, color, weight, cutting, and clarity. (Based on the GIA Certificate Standard)
    In color from the color, 46 points are not particularly small, and the H color is very poor. It is recommended not to be lower than G color. It is all discussed on the premise of your diamond with the GIA certificate. VS is enough, and then it is enough to cut 3EX. You do n’t need to tangled the details of the details, as well as fluorescence. It is not bad to not fluorescent. Well, in summary, in the case of bringing GIA nude stones, your stone is still very expensive. Except for the opening of the precepts of about 2500, the stone is about 6500, which is actually not worth it.

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