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  1. 1. The logo
    The jewelry mark should contain the manufacturer code and the name and content of precious metal materials.
    . The appearance quality
    is mainly the inspection of specific process quality such as the overall shape of the jewelry and the quality of processing.
    3. Jewelry weight
    The gold jewelry is calculated based on weight and processing costs. The weight of the jewelry is one of the important indicators. Essence
    4. Gold content
    The gold content in the jewelry is an important indicator of its quality. There are many types of gold content testing methods, which can be divided into chemical analysis methods and instrument analysis methods. Depending on whether the jewelry is damaged during the testing process, it can be divided into non -destructive detection method and damage testing method. The daily inspection of the jewelry quality supervision department is generally based on non -destructive testing method. Utilize large instrument analysis. Market supervision random inspections are mainly due to damage testing. The fire test method is currently the national testing method that measures the gold content in jewelry in my country.
    people wearing jade inlaid gold jewelry can avoid disasters and refuge, and change the good luck, remove the disease, and extend their life. Gift and jade -inlaid gold ornaments made of jadeite foreshadowing loyalty to love. Good quality Emerald raw materials are jade inlaid gold crafts are the most expensive gem varieties in the world today. Emerald is the best raw material for high -end crafts "jade inlaid gold". The "jade inlaid gold" products advocate fashion and promote tradition; the clever combination of jade and metal's ideas shows the noble quality of "jade", and also metaphorize the "golden jade" in traditional Chinese culture, symbolizing infinite beauty. The product uses excellent quality jade as the raw material, embedded in gold, and is refined by multiple craftsmanship.
    The jade inlaid gold, also known as the gold -plated tin inlaid process, is the craftsmanship of tin wrapped in tin wrapped in the surface of jade, ceramics, purple sand, glazed and other crafts. According to reports, the scientific name of "Jade inlaid Gold" in the jade craftsmanship is "Gold and Silver Erotic Erotic Performance Jade". Legend has it that after Wang Mang usurped the throne, he forced the queen mother to surrender the jade seal. The queen queen fell to the ground and collapsed. Later, Wang Mang ordered the clever craftsman to renovate. He was inlaid with crickets and was inlaid with crickets. The process of "jade inlaid" is on the word "inlaid". It must be inlaid into the pattern by continuously knocking on the pattern.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. The appraisal method is 1. The color of jade. The jade selection of gold inlaid jade is very particular. First of all, the type of jade tone, followed by the color distribution of jade color. 2. The texture of jade. Gold inlaid jade is mainly a combination of gold and jade. From the perspective of craftsmanship, there are gold inlaid jade, jade embedded gold, and jade inlaid gold. The jade texture of gold inlaid jade is very delicate, the structure is compact and meticulous, and the internal flaws and rough molecular structure cannot be observed with the naked eye. 3. The shape of gold inlaid jade. The design of the first -class gold inlaid jade is generally very exquisite, with clear lines, and a strong sense of three -dimensional sense. The lines of inferior gold inlaid jade are very rough, blurred, and the pattern design cannot meet the aesthetic requirements.

  3. 1. Color: Beautiful color is the first element. At present, the most pleasing color is fresh green (jelly green). Although the color of the best product is dark green, the green is too deep and it makes people feel too dull. The dark green is not as high as bright green.
    . The high background of transparency has a great impact on the value of jade. The transparent jade gives people a cool feeling, but the opaque jade, no matter how delicate the color is, it gives people a feeling of being too rigid and lacking vivid beauty. Usually the transparent jade is called "glass species" on the market, the translucent jade is called "ice species" or "Guanyin species", and opaque jade is called "hibiscus" or "taro".
    three, evenly: The color of the color is directly proportional to the value. The whole piece is green jade and only part of the green jade, and the price is several digits. The distribution position of the color is also very related. A little green in the conspicuous place is naturally more flatter than the green distributed on the edge.
    . Fourth, shape: The price of jade is not priced at the same weight as other gems. The jade is mainly valued by its shape size and thickness. Essence In addition, its shape is also very important, because the Chinese people buy jade mostly holding the psychology of being auspicious. (Fortune into the treasure) ... .., etc., it will be more attractive to buyers than ordinary flowers and plants.
    five, knock: This is a method for choosing jade bracelets. The sound of jade is crispy. If the jade itself is flawed, if there are cracks, hollow or partial deterioration inside, the sound of knocking will be different. The voice of Kazaka.
    6. Photo: Pick up the jade and observe it towards the light. You can see the color and flaws of the jade at a glance. Sometimes it looks perfect on the surface. In addition, through the actions of photos, you can also see the situation of the color distribution, and you can tell whether it is natural color through light, and at the same time synthesize the jade (fake jade). "Kung Fu, still have to have experienced talents, and most people may not see why.
    Seven. Price: This is a very simple way of distinguishing the method. As the saying goes, "one penny, one penny", it is especially in the jewelry line. It is mostly fake goods, so when we buy and sell, we can infer from the price of the price. Good jade cannot sell low prices. Therefore, when you see a beautiful jade and ask the price, you find that it is very cheap. The first reaction is to think that There is a problem, don't be greedy for cheap, so as not to be deceived.
    On how to distinguish the goodness and inferiority of jade from the appearance?
    . Because the glass texture is very crispy and hard, the structure is loose, the dense and toughness of jade is lacking , Generally, high reliefs and round sculptures are generally processed on the glass.
    . Use a magnifying glass to find bubbles, even if you can only see one, that is, glass.
    . The glass is added with chromium oxide, color nearly ruby; adds cobalt oxide, color near sapphire; add chromium oxide and copper oxide, color close emerald, etc., and there are many colors. But its hue always looks thin, lacks the oily and thick feeling of natural jade color. The more unknown varieties are mainly fake jade made of polymer materials. Its color can be arranged arbitrarily, and it is difficult to find bubbles in amplifying mirrors. It is said that the infrared spectrometer can stand on the shape of the original, but the key is the key except that the inspection is generally not practical, crushing the stone section of the stone, and the reaction of the fire. There is no natural stone pattern. After all, artificial processing is unnatural, and it will be exposed under high emotional magnification.
    ● Appraisal, divided into Xinyu and old jade. The appraisal of Xinyu focuses on the true and false varieties, the quality of the texture, and the essence of the carving. Some technical content has been involved. However, the appraisal of the old jade is not ordinary. In addition to the basic requirements of Xinyu, it must also recognize the era of jade production and historical value.
    The confirmation of the historical value of jade articles is based on a clear era. Familiar with the common shape, characteristic craftsmanship, and popular color of jade articles in various eras. Then refer to the arguments about the characteristics of jade articles in a certain era, and connect with each other. You will have a rational improvement of the level of jade articles. At this time, you should contact the real object as much as possible to draw the picture on the correction book. Visual differences with the real object.
    It, the judgment of the times allows a certain span on some jade. Because jade artifacts are more precious and are not easy to decay. Therefore, as a heirs, early jade appeared in the tombs of hundreds of years later. There were also many precedents. In the late period of the last era and the early jade in the next era, the style was not exactly one -size -fits. The jade that is not remembered is normal.
    ● Hand -crafted, exquisite carving, smooth feel, perfect jade, warm and oily, delicate and meticulous, rich and cracking, exquisite carvings.
    ● The temperature of jade is relatively low. It is easy to transplant heat in your hand to see how the temperature changes are slow.
    The people with the above three points, the good jade that I am concerned about, and the above is not the other. Looking at the quality of jade, it mainly depends on the transparency of the crystal. The transparency of the true jade is strong, and the oil luster;

    listening, the sound of true jade is crisp, otherwise the sound is dumb;

    testing, true jade Cover from the glass, leaving scratches on the glass, while the jade itself is not damaged.
    M common fake jade include plastic, colorful glass, cloud stone (marble), electro -color fake jade made of different false methods such as jade powder and salt water. There are also different means.
    M plastic texture is lighter than jade, poor hardness, and is generally easy to identify.
    is easy to distinguish after get off work. As long as you get a light or the sun, you will see a lot of bubbles in the glass.
    The more difficult to distinguish between electro -color and jade, which is plated by electroplating, and plating a beautiful emerald green appearance to inferior jade, which is easy to mistakenly think that it is true jade. At this time, you need to observe it carefully. If there are some small green cracks in the green, it is false jade. Because it will leave a crack during electroplating, the experts call it "spider claw". Some people say that when the electro -color fake jade is placed in the hot oil, the electrolador will fade away, and it will be repaid.

    The synthetic jade made of jade powder and crystal and salt water is a dark old pit jade. The appraisal method is simple, that is, their proportion is different. The proportion of natural jade is 3.3-3.4, while the proportion of artificial synthetic jade is only 2.8. You can distinguish between true and false with your hands, or weigh it with balance.
    The jade imitation of nitrics looks white and brighter than jade. The ancients said, "Jade Saita must be high." That is, Bai Yu must be as high -level like a nitrate. It can be seen that the nitrate and jade are difficult to distinguish. However, authenticity is different after all. In terms of color, white jade is often green in white, and there are very few pure white people, and the nitrogen is pure and white. As far as jade is concerned, jade is moist and delicate, such as fat like cream, although the nitrate is also warm, but it is inevitable that there is thief light. Baiyu is a natural product, and it is difficult to be uniform in constitution. Nitches are made of manual, there is no appearance. The white jade texture is solid, and the airless bubbles can be found. No matter how good the nitrics are processing, there are often bubbles and air -eyed exposure. To clarify these, you will not treat the nitrate products as a jade.

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