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  1. Guide: 1998 Tiger people are suitable for wearing silver jewelry? It is estimated that most people prefer gold jewelry than silver jewelry. Although gold jewelry is not good, it will be more tacky, but it is not impressed that everyone likes him. Silver jewelry is more fashionable and shaped to shape it. The ability is relatively strong and the price is very cheap. Everyone can afford it. The only disadvantage may be that it is too easy to oxidize. Let's take a look at the 1998 people who are tigers suitable for gold.
    1998 Tiger people are suitable for silver jewelry
    nbsp; 1998 Tiger people are suitable for silver jewelry. Tigers can actually bring silver jewelry, but they cannot wear silver jewelry with monkeys and snakes. Because the zodiac tiger and the zodiac monkeys and zodiac snakes will form a phase on the five elements, if wearing silver jewelry related to monkeys and snakes, it is not conducive to the development of the tiger. The personality of the tiger is inherently mad. They like to occupy a dominant position in life and like to make others. Especially in a team, they will recommend themselves as leaders, and hope that everyone can obey his arrangements and instructions. Of course, the style of the tiger is also very stylish. If the ability to work is strong, it can become a good leader, but if the tiger and the snake or the monkey people work together, the scene will not be so simple. They will always face tit -for -tat, and no one allows anyone. They are confronted with each other and do not compromise each other. In the long run, everyone's destiny will be implicated, and both parties will be harmed. The tiger people will never be in the early age because of the relationship between each other, and the career will be greatly suppressed. So this is why the tiger people cannot wear the silver jewelry of monkeys and snakes.
    1998 Tiger people are suitable for gold
    nbsp; Tiger people in 1998 should not wear gold. We all know that the value of gold is extremely high. Many people like to wear gold on their body, but this approach is wrong. It is okay to wear gold, but it cannot be worn blindly, especially for people who belong to tigers. Wear gold. Among the twelve zodiac signs, the people who belong to the tiger are wood, but gold is the five elements of gold, the five elements are born with each other, and the gold happens to be harmonious. The fortune of fortune is constantly declining. The tiger's temper is irritable. They are easy to impulsive and are too affectionate. Such a personality is best to be soft, but gold is also a very strong thing. The tiger people wear gold, so the leakage of gold will cause the fortune of the tiger to decline.
    Theborn tiger is destined to have 2 nobles
    The chickens
    nbsp; The chickens are destined to be a tiger nobleman. From the perspective of personality, the chickens are optimistic and cheerful. The attitude of life is enthusiastic and positive, and the whole body will always exude positive energy. After getting along with the chickens, you will be attracted by the characteristics of their hard work, and they will feel a lot of joy on them. There is no burden on getting along with chickens, because they say one thing, they will not hide their ideas, let alone do things that hurt others in the back. When the tiger and the chickens are together, they can not only gain a full sense of security, but also improve their popularity. Although the chickens are sometimes more nagged and sharp, when chatting with people, they will also say something that makes the other person unhappy. And although they are straightforward, most of them are not malicious, and the tiger people are also thick lines. They will not take it all at their hearts, so the two of them are very happy for most of the time.
    is a horse person
    nbsp; From the perspective of zodiac, horse and tiger are triad, which means that the two are very good. If a tiger can be with the horses, it will help their overall fortune. The tiger people have a strong performance in their careers. They are dedicated to work, and they can also complete the task of leadership explained very well. As long as they are responsible for the project, they will basically not leak. However, although the ability to work is extremely strong, it gives people a particularly difficult feeling in doing things, and because of the low emotional intelligence, many people have offended many people because of their high profile, bringing a lot of trouble to career life. The personality is the opposite of the horse personality, innocent and kind, lively, and has a strong sense of justice, and will have a sincere attitude towards everyone. Moreover, the horses are highly emotional. They are very pleasant to get along with. It can take care of the relationship with everyone, and it will be very easy to get along with them.
    The best interior of the tiger person
    green crystal
    nbsp; for tiger people, it is very good to place green crystals in the car. Crystal is a kind of crystal stone rich in powerful energy. It can also bring a lot of good luck to Cui Wang's fortune. If the tiger people are placed in the car in the car, they can make people concentrate. When driving, they will not be distracted. And under the action of green crystal, the tiger people can travel safely and effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents. Especially for those who are engaged in the transportation industry, if they want to be unimpeded, and safe and healthy, it is a very good choice to place green crystals in the car. rn虚空藏菩萨rnnbsp;属虎人的性格大多是非常急躁的,做事没有耐心,尤其在开车遇到堵车的时候,整个人的心情都会变得无比的焦躁和苦闷,很It is easy to do irrational behavior because of emotional excitement, which seriously endangers driving safety. For this attribute of the tiger, the void Tibetan Bodhisattva can be placed in the car.
    The void Tibetan Bodhisattva is the natal Buddha of the tiger. Being able to converge the suffocation on them will also give the tiger people a stable and peaceful mentality, and they will not have irritability and irritability. In addition, the Void Tibetan Bodhisattva will also bless the health and safety of the tiger, allowing them to avoid disasters and accidents during the driving process.
    貔貅 貔貅 貔貅 貔貅 ↑ 丨 is also a very good choice to place a tiger in the car. The 貔貅 is a wealthy rich mascot. Travel Safely. If you place your puppets in the car, you can also improve your wealth, which means that it is more smooth on the road to making money.
    It 貔貅 can also improve the healthy movement of the tiger, bless them to travel safely, and reduce the occurrence of accidents during the driving process. Especially for the taxi drivers and the tiger people who live with operations, placing 貔貅 in the car can make their career booming, and they will also harvest ideal wealth from them.

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