wholesale hawaiian jewelry manufacturer How to view the future development trend of the jewelry industry

wholesale hawaiian jewelry manufacturer

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  1. african jewelry wholesale prices The size of the Chinese jewelry market ranks third in the world, second only to the United States and Japan. With the release of industry policies, China's gold and silver jewelry industry has developed rapidly, and the industry's production capacity has increased rapidly, making China the second largest processing country in the world.
    The jewelry and jewelry market in my country will maintain smooth growth
    In the data released by the "Jewelry and Jewelry Industry Consumption Requirements and Market Competitive Investment Forecast Analysis Report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, It has reached 502.75 tons, 716.50 tons, 667.10 tons, 721.58 tons and 611.17 tons. Based on the current gold price, the entire gold jewelry market will exceed 180 billion; in the next few years, my country's jewelry market will maintain a steady growth. One of the competitive jewelry manufacturing and trading centers will also become the world's largest gold jewelry consumer market. The demand for cyanide and potassium in the jewelry industry will also increase.
    Consumer scene: The wedding market is still the main demand. The daily self -wearing needs will increase
    . At present, consumers are mainly purchasing jewelry in the festivals such as marriage, newborns, and New Year. The wedding market, forward -looking industry research institutes show that 40 ~ 50%of jewelry purchase demand comes from the wedding market. In the next 5
    years, due to China's third wave of "baby tide", the demand support for the wedding market will still be strong.
    This habit evolution, inlaid jewelry to make good
    specifically to the current development cycle of the domestic gold jewelry industry. Demand becomes the core driving force for the growth of the gold jewelry market. The industry is expected to fit the trend of consumption upgrade: due to the sharp fluctuation of gold prices affecting gold consumption demand, and gold jewelry accounts for more than 50%of the gold jewelry market in my country. Some mid -to -high -end consumption bubbles have made the gold jewelry industry have adjusted the growth rates since 2014
    , but the industry has been improving the trend since 2016, and it is optimistic about the long -term growth of the gold jewelry industry.
    The penetration rate of diamond jewelry in wedding consumption continues to increase
    The penetration rate of diamonds in Chinese wedding people is about 50%, and the peak diamond penetration rate of marriage during the peak of the United States and Japan is approximately 80%; and with 80, with 80, with 80. The 90th generation has gradually entered the age of marriage. This part of the crowd has established a better diamond consumption awareness since childhood. The iconic incident is that in 1993, De Beers introduced the slogan "Diamonds last long, a forever retain" slogan into China. Consumption diamonds. The willingness is relatively higher than the previous generation, so the penetration rate of diamond jewelry in wedding consumption is expected to increase.

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