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  1. Diamond rings wear

    1. The wear of diamond bare stone. Although we all know that the Mohs hardness of diamond is very high, it is not an invulnerable gemstone. Diamonds are lipophilic. Therefore, in the process of wearing, if there is a long-term contact with oil, the diamond will become more and more opaque, affecting its shine. In addition, when wearing a diamond, you should also pay attention to avoid long-term direct sunlight, which will change its color

    2. Ring rest. Common ring rest materials are generally 18 K gold (also known as au750) or platinum (also known as pt950). If the gold products collide with hard objects during wearing, it will cause surface wear, especially platinum, whose hardness is relatively low

    extended data

    maintenance of diamond rings:

    although diamonds have hard characteristics, if you want diamond jewelry to shine as before, you need the wearer to take care of it

    due to the nature of the diamond itself, there are several problems in maintenance: the first is lipophilic. Because the diamond has the characteristics of lipophilic and hydrophobic, it will affect the luster of the diamond surface and make it dark in places with oil smoke and dirty environment. Therefore, when wearing diamonds, keep away from oil smoke and do not wear diamond jewelry to do too much work in the kitchen

    however, consumers do not need to worry about the change in the gloss of the diamond surface due to oil smoke, which will not permanently affect the quality of the diamond. As long as regular maintenance is carried out to remove the grease on the surface, the brightness of the diamond surface can be restored

    Second, due to the relatively large brittleness of diamonds, the diamonds themselves are jointed. If there is a collision, and the angle of collision is the direction of the joint, the diamonds will appear cracks, and in serious cases, there will be V-shaped damage. This damage is irreparable and will cause permanent damage to the diamonds

    kleidi specially reminds that when wearing diamond jewelry, you should "take it last before going out and take it off first when entering the door"

    Third, although the hardness of diamonds is very high, diamonds and diamonds will be engraved each other. Therefore, diamond jewelry should not be placed together, but should be opened separately

    Fourth, for diamond jewelry, no matter how beautiful the inlay looks and how firm it is at the time of purchase, it must be checked after a period of time: whether the diamond is loose or active. If there is any problem with jewelry, it should be processed in a jewelry store or a place with relevant services in a large shopping mall in time to avoid sudden loss during wearing

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  2. It will definitely wear, so if you have more work on your hands, try not to wear diamond rings often
    for K gold and platinum, platinum has better extensibility and durability, but it is unlikely that it will not wear. If it does not matter, you can go to the store for repair and maintenance
    although the hardness of diamonds is very high, they are not invulnerable. If you treat it with a knife or impact, it will cry to death.

  3. In general, the diamond of the diamond ring will not wear, but the diamond is afraid of impact. What's more, the ring holder of the diamond ring is easy to wear, except for platinum. It's best to go to the jewelry store for maintenance regularly to make the diamond ring bright as new.

  4. Yes, according to the law of conservation of energy, all objects will lose each other as long as they come into contact. It's just how much is lost. The weight loss of a hair is also a loss.

  5. Diamonds also wear. Although diamonds are the hardest, if you take diamonds to scratch things, in fact, diamonds will also have minor damage! And if you are hit hard along the grain of the diamond, the diamond will crack~

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