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  1. One is because the diamond ring is expensive, and the other is because you sent the diamond ring.
    The precious things who do n’t love, the diamonds that can be formed for thousands of years, the meaning of eternal, the star ’s wedding can not move a few grams. The pigeon egg -like diamond ring makes the girl feel the glory of the princess. Today, getting married is not just three golds. The diamond ring is already standard. If you do n’t buy a diamond ring to propose, you want to marry the girl. It ’s too easy. In marriage, this test is also a promise of life after marriage, because it is expensive to marry you, so cherish it. (The snobbish person)
    The value of diamonds has also been recognized by the people in the past two years. The GIA certificate of more than 30 points of diamonds provides guarantee for the preservation of diamonds, and the realization ability has become stronger and stronger. Moreover, diamond ring jewelry has also become popular fashion accessories. After all, many important occasions, diamond jewelry looks more elegant and advanced than gold, not so tacky.
    The value of diamonds is rising for many years, and more and more people are beginning to invest in diamonds. Diamonds with rock sugar blocks may be worth tens of millions, which is very convenient for asset management. The rich even regards buying diamonds as a way to invest. Every year, Christie's to auction, always shooting sky -high diamonds. It can be seen that the value of diamonds is quietly revealed.
    In a period of love, if you can receive a diamond ring sent by your beloved man, it is also a very happy thing for women. After all, when life encounters bumps, I can still think of the joy of getting married when I see the rose diamond. How can I let it go easily and love? I still need more valuable objects such as diamond ring to show more rituals.
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  2. What is the relationship between diamonds and love?
    people have always linked diamonds and love. This is not a marketing gimmick, but because the physical characteristics of the diamond are seamlessly seamlessly echoed.
    The diamonds living deep in the mantle 1 billion years ago were the simplest gemstone on the earth. It was composed of the rules of carbon elements, just like the pureness of love.
    The diamond relies on continuously absorbing carbon to make it bigger. Over time, it is forced to advance to the surface of the earth, or it is brought to the surface by external forces when the volcanic eruption.
    This process is just like the process of love towards marriage. At high temperature and high pressure, the energy is continuously stored. When it grows to the indestructible, with a cavity of a cavity of the pressure of breaking through the pressure fruit of their union!
    can be said that each diamond is a miracle created by time, land and nature; each diamond is a fossil carrying mystery and romantic.
    It is pure and rare. Through accurate cutting, it shines into charming and eye -catching glory. Its nature is stable and has undergone hundreds of millions of years, but it is difficult to break.
    The first to third centuries, the Roman Empire began to embed diamonds on the ring. They compare the diamonds into the lobes of the moon, the fragments of the meteor, and the tears of the gods ...
    . Even the love god Cupid, which symbolizes the immortal love, his arrow that promotes a pair of love gods Crystal diamonds!
    The diamond penetrates the love of love. It is not only the firecracker of the diamond, but also the spark of love collision.
    On August 18, 1477, Austrian Grand Duke Maximilian I presented a diamond ring when he proposed to Princess Mary in France, opening a precedent for proposal to proposal with diamond ring, and tied the diamond ring and love tighter.
    In 1934, the most romantic love story decorated by diamonds was born. A prince fell in love with an ordinary married woman. After that, he used his life to pass on his lover with a valuable diamond jewelry. He is the most romantic man in the world, and she has become the Duke of Windsor who has been favored for a lifetime.
    Nowadays, diamond ring has become an indispensable love token of lovers in the world when concluding marriage.
    So how can we choose a good diamond?
    The judgment of the quality of a diamond has four dimensions of the standard, which is the 4C diamond grading standard created by the American Gem Research Institute GIA.
    In the case of sufficient budget, it is recommended to choose "1 carat" (1 carat = 0.2 grams) and above diamonds.
    Moses with financial resources are willing to use Drachian diamonds to express "stronger love" for lovers. More diamonds are also more moved and proud of women. In fact, due to the rarity of the Great carat diamonds, it does have investment and collection value to resist inflation and stable appreciation, so that your choice can calmly resist the passage of time.
    It is color color.
    We The best diamonds are colorless (the scope of discussion does not include color diamonds), and the color of diamonds seen in life is also slightly different. Some women's diamonds look colorless and white, but some are not naturally; the color of diamonds used for industrial use looks like "yellowing".
    Therefore, the color of diamonds from the naked eye from the "colorless white" to the so-called "yellowing" is divided into several colors. Diamond color interval sold in this interval can be purchased with confidence.
    The third dimension that needs to be considered is the clarity of the diamond.
    Because diamonds are not formed under vacuum conditions, there will be a mix of other small impurities during its growth, so there is also a set of standards for the clarity of diamonds.
    It, like a flawless person, the LC -grade diamond without impurities is "diamonds in diamonds", rare, and also corresponds to high prices. In contrast It is flawless. As long as we do not carry 10 times the large mirror to find a very small flaw, VVS diamonds are our perfect first choice; VS and SI -level diamonds with tiny flaws are also cost -effective.
    The last item to see cut cut.
    women love the sparkling, refers to the fire color released by the diamond cut. The closer to the perfect diamond, the more brilliant it will be brighter under the full effect of light reflection and reflection!
    The masters also created different shapes such as diamond circular, pear -shaped, emerald and other shapes to create a cutting process that enables each shape to fully release its fire color.
    Now we have a full understanding of choosing diamonds. If we see the diamonds, we will never make an error with 4C standards.
    , there is no set of absolute rules for love for love.
    Is when we encounter love again, we will say, perceive with our heart, and take care of with love.
    The only thing that can be determined is that true love is like a good diamond is a rare treasure.
    The can be sharpened for a long time.
    The diamond represents eternity, which is also a beautiful vision for love.
    It, as Xixi drills: a happy one, accompany you all my life.

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