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  1. Tiffany, a jewelry premium brand with a history of more than 180 years, has produced many classic styles, among which the most famous are Tiffany dream blue classic six claw wedding proposal diamond ring, T series, keys series, yellow diamond and so on

    in 1878, Tiffany made TIFFANY BLUE the exclusive color of the brand. When we see Tiffany blue, we will think of this classic six claw diamond ring. Tiffany setting, which initiated the engagement tradition of diamond ring proposal, is known as the diamond ring in the diamond ring. It is classic and eternal

    Tiffany yellow diamond has created the glorious inheritance of precious color diamonds, and let people understand that diamonds are not only white, but also yellow diamonds can be so beautiful

    tiffang T series


    tiffang keys Series classic keys

    now we are launching the key classic series. Be careful about those who buy wool for their wives.

    don't buy wool and paper clips indiscriminately. They are all classics.

    pay attention to [miss sugar's girlfriends circle] the beauty of girlfriends is the beauty of the world...

    no! You will be more beautiful than your best friend! Surprise at the end of the article

    Western proverbs say that "a diamond is a girl's best friend". There is also a saying in China that "a diamond lasts forever, and one diamond will be handed down forever". The ancient Romans always believed that diamonds represented life and eternity. In the 15th century, they were recognized as the symbolic meaning of marriage. It represents the declaration of love. If three diamonds represent I love you, and five diamonds represent will you be my wife? Since its establishment in 1837, Tiffany has always taken love and beauty, romance and dream as the design theme, and has accompanied generations of people. How long is the life? Tiffany will tell you the answer

    Tiffany setting six claw diamond ring, as the originator of the six claw inlay method to the world, Tiffany's six claw diamond ring has opened a new era of jewelry inlay. The appearance of the six claw diamond ring makes the diamond ring more beautiful and the diamond more dazzling. The inlaying process has also become the international standard of engagement diamond ring inlay.

    it explains the true meaning of love and makes the diamond ring not only limited to men and women, Tiffany's designers advocate equal love, non discrimination, and non avoidance. With a simple design concept, they conform to the passion of men for love, and pass on the eternal love to all parts of the world in a truly equal way. The advertising words rich in profound love let everyone experience the real charm of Tiffany in an instant

    "true love isn't something you can vote for or against."

    "the only person who needs to accept your love is standing in front of you."

    the retro and simple design has always been the favorite trend of contemporary young people. The series named after the Greek god atlas is simple in style, neat and generous. The hollowed out Roman symbols are embellished with small diamonds, making the whole ring luxurious and elegant. The trendy rose gold is deeply sought after by fashionable young people

    when it comes to Tiffany's global popularity, we have to say that many MM's favorite style, return to Tiffany series, is mainly based on love shaped nameplates, Each heart-shaped piece is engraved with "please return to Tiffany New York" "Yes, this series of Tiffany not only tells you that they are only making jewelry, but also integrates the design concept and brand connotation of the whole Tiffany, presenting the values of Tiffany culture for you.

    here, the candy wants to say that it is really difficult to think of a person who is inclusive of all people and interprets the true meaning of love with jewelry with an equal attitude.

    give you a good idea of the last you see.

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