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Explain the specific location.
E 18 years old. Ready to buy a watch for her, about a few hundred.

3 thoughts on “Where to buy small gifts for girls in Changsha?

  1. How big girls?
    generally nothing more than these four places:
    1. The small commodity market in the east of the Xiangjiang River (that is, Yuanxiahe Street), rich resources, cheap prices;
    2. On the ground, the small jewelry below is comparable, but pay attention to bargaining;
    3. The boutique stores on the third floor of Dingwangtai's book market, probably ... there are more middle school students.
    4. That's Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street. There is a boutique shop on the second floor. You can go to see it.

    The four places are not far from each other, and they can go through all day. rn额,高校附近啊,东塘那边啊,也蛮多精品店的,看你送的女孩子的喜好吧~rnrn______________________________________________________________回答补充rnr n, I have become 18 years old ~ You can give yourself to her ~ Absolutely an unforgettable adult gift ~

  2. Ha ha

    Thentes of gifts.

    The key is girls like. Essence In fact, there are many boutique stores. Girls also like it. But expensive.

    . The stuff of boutiques is nothing more than a cheap place like Xiahe Street.

    The personality, winter. Buy him with pair of wool shoes, and look good scarves (to distinguish popularization), soft handbags, gloves, buy a set directly. Essence This shows that you care about it, she is both moved and sweet.

    I I wish you a sooner success. Essence Essence

  3. Generally, Wangtai La
    has more small things in Dingwangtai
    The generally buy
    The things on Xiahe Street are too inferior
    Although it is cheap, the quality is ...
    Igd the landlord to go to Dingwangtai to see

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