5 thoughts on “Where is the main concentration of leather goods manufacturer workshops in Shiling Town, Huadu District”

  1. The entire Shiling City area is on both sides of the Golden Lion Avenue. There is also the Lingnan Industrial Zone. Lingnan Industrial Zone is on both sides of the south gate of Linggui Casino Leather City.

  2. Still inspect yourself on the spot. As long as there are many orders, many workshops can be done, but most of the Lingling products are made of low -end products, and high imitation women's bags are better. If you need to enter my Baidu space, leave me.

  3. Shiling Town is mainly for wholesale and retail of leather raw materials, such as leather, hardware, etc., and there are no concentrated leather goods wholesale cities. Only in Shiling (International) Leather Castle City Phase 3 of leather goods wholesale stores, about a dozen shops Essence The leather goods wholesale city is mainly concentrated near the Guihuagang of Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Many of the leather goods factories in Shiling Town have sales points at Guihua Ganggang, and they will pick up orders here. It is recommended to find someone to help produce in the Guiqian Pang area.
    The leather goods factory in Shiling Town is mainly a small workshop for family production. Basically, there are such small workshops around them. Large leather goods factories are mainly concentrated on the Golden Lion Avenue, which is not very good.

  4. Okay, I am in Shiling, huh, I can introduce you to some good factories,
    1. There is no leather wholesale city in Shiling, only leather cities, specializing in leather and hardware. The leather bags of the factory are generally samples in the osmanthus mouth.
    2. Where is the main distribution? I don't know, the high imitation is quietly done.
    3. If you want to check what to contact me, you will add you. Give it, hahaha !!!

  5. Many of those stores near the Guicheng near Guangzhou Guihuagang have opened them from the manufacturers. You can take a look. Take a board and take it back to process it.

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