1 thought on “Where can I repair the ring in Duchang County”

  1. Jewelry and jewelry maintenance suggests that you choose more professional after -sales maintenance sites to repair. Their equipment is relatively advanced and high -end. The maintenance technology of technicians is also more reliable. After -sales service is also guaranteed. You can understand it. For customer service, their customer service is also very professional.

    If repair in the gold shop may not be repaired: 1. They can't make money and don't want to help you repair; 2. They can not work enough; Will find a "ability" master shop.

    The precautions: 1. The rings of dry rights and the rings that are contaminated with dirt appear different from the color, fire color, and clarity of the appearance. Therefore, if you do not clean the ring ring, the same ring is cleaned by the jewelry shop or processing plant, and even the customer does not believe that what you get is actually the same ring. It is difficult to find it if it is replaced. 2. If possible, you can take a typical characteristics of the ring and its accessories for vouchers.

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