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  1. Those beautiful and shining diamonds have always been given the symbol of eternity and love. Since then, everything related to love can not be without the beautiful figure of the diamond ring. Few people know the meaning of the diamond ring, let alone what can show the meaning of the diamond ring. The following is a brief introduction. The meaning of a diamond ring there have always been different opinions about the diamond ring: in ancient times, some people thought it was the debris left by the falling stars, and some people thought it was the crystal of the tears of the gods on the ground. The word diamond in English is "diamond", French is "Diamante", German is "Diamant", and Russian is "almaz". They all come from the ancient Greek "adamas", which means invincible. Because of her pure, bright, hard and unique characteristics, diamonds have become the symbol of eternal love. It is believed that the arrow tip of Cupid's love arrow is made of diamonds. De Beers has a resounding advertising slogan: "diamonds will last forever, and one will last forever". For hundreds of years, the indestructible diamond and the eternal love in this life have been linked together, and the diamond is regarded as the best gift to express love. The characteristics of diamonds are: uniform and transparent, the hardest in the world, and stable chemical properties, which make diamonds have the meaning of purity, invincibility, eternal loyalty or perseverance; In addition, the mining of diamonds is difficult, the reserves are small, and the cost is high, making it the most expensive gemstone, which adds the meaning of nobility and wealth to diamonds; Diamonds have a very rich cultural connotation. In ancient times, people were all proud of owning diamonds and respected them, which made diamonds a synonym for "noble and elegant". Marriage, people place the same expectations on it - invincible. After marriage, the husband and wife are loyal to each other and respect each other. The love of the husband and wife is unswerving and will last forever. Marriage means to give the happiness of one's life to another person. In order to fully express his deep affection for the woman, a man will do everything he can to express his feelings. Marriage has become one of the most important things in one's life, because the happiness of life has a very important relationship with marriage. Of course, marriage has become the most important event in the family. For the sake of children's marriage, parents often spend all their savings to the best of their ability. Even if they are in debt, they should be generous at this time. Brothers and sisters help each other. Some brothers are away from home and have to go to the wedding several thousand miles away. This shows the importance of marriage. As an important memorial of marriage (the most symbolic pledge of marriage) ---- wedding diamond ring, it should not be underestimated. The huge blue diamond necklace (the heart of the sea), the token of love in the blockbuster Titanic, has been used as the representative of love in the film for many times, which fully shows that diamonds have been used as the representative of love for a long time. Perhaps because diamonds are expensive, perhaps because of the close relationship between diamonds and marriage, women are picky about diamond rings. Modern women think the pure gold leek ring is too old-fashioned; The dark "Emerald" is too classical and ancient; Fang Jie engraved with the words "rich and noble" is too secular; The diamond ring with cat's eyes is too carved. Women usually love delicate and exquisite diamond rings, which are made of platinum and set with a sparkling diamond. They do not necessarily come from South Africa, but they cannot be artificial. This kind of diamond ring makes women feel modern. It will remind people that her heart is as pure as a girl; Or imagine she just walked on the red carpet of the church last night, and Prince Charming promised her lifelong love of crystal. Indeed, the bride in a white wedding dress is brimming with a bright and moving smile. She looks sweetly at her beloved and puts a shiny ring on her finger. Happiness, promise and true love. Sensational beautiful words, however, always make people involuntarily moved for a long time... The trend is constantly changing, but the status of diamonds is consistent and irreplaceable. From the 600 year history of wedding diamond ring evolution, we can see that the wedding diamond ring is still the most coveted love symbol of new people in various periods - the diamond is everlasting and one will last forever. Women always say: it feels good to wear a diamond ring. Sometimes, a woman is quietly alone, bowing her head to touch the cold ring face, playing with the transparent chain beads, and remembering the beautiful grass rings and wreaths woven in her hazy childhood. Purple and yellow daisies, green grass, instant defecate in the palm of a beautiful flower. As time goes by, grass rings and wreaths have gradually blurred in childhood dreams, and only that touch of purple has become an indelible wind in memory. Sometimes, when a woman walks through the noisy and confusing City, she meets the wind that turns unexpectedly, and the afterglow stops carelessly. A fresh and smooth feeling makes a woman squint her eyes and lift her hands to look into the distance. The warm sunshine sprinkles on her head and dances along her fingers. The diamond ring and bracelet are shining with a light luster, like the crystal clear and transparent colors flowing in the air, which gradually permeates the warm heart of a woman. Therefore, the diamond ring makes a woman with mediocre language become a poet. however. Women all know that among all the jewelry, only the diamond ring should not be bought for themselves, even if the woman is rich enough to buy the whole city, because the diamond ring bears too many responsibilities and commitments. It is the heart, the eternal, the agreement, and the proof of the life of the lovers. The possession of the ring is a long wait, waiting for a person in life, waiting for a promise to be fulfilled with a lifetime. The diamond ring complex is always a woman's inner contradiction and dream. In fact, no matter how ordinary a diamond ring is, as long as it is endowed with a love story, it is an unforgettable encounter in life. No matter whether the memory is crying or sweet, it will become valuable under the touch of time and the immersion of the past, and will shine until the last moment of life. But in the modern age when everything is uncertain, we always love too early, give up too quickly, make promises easily, and don't want to wait for the results. The diamond ring is no longer a lifelong commitment, but a lifelong vow, but it has become a mark of remembrance and sadness. As someone said: a diamond ring is like love. It is worn on the hand and also on the heart; If you hurt your heart, you will also hurt your hand. What you dare not touch is the hurt in your heart; Unwilling to pick, is that difficult to give up love. Diamond implies the permanence of marriage and love. Because diamond is the hardest material in the world, it symbolizes the permanence of marriage; And its crystal clear appearance symbolizes the purity and beauty of love! Therefore, the diamond ring has become a must for married people. People usually wear a wedding diamond ring on the ring finger of their left hand! Christians believe that at the wedding ceremony, when the priest holds the Bible and touches the left hand of the new person, he says "in the name of the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit". The ring should fall on the fourth finger of the left hand, so people should wear it on the ring finger of the left hand when they get married. Ancient Egyptians believed that the "pulse of love" was connected to the heart through the ring finger of the left hand, so the wedding diamond ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. According to the Western tradition, the left hand shows the luck that God gives you. Therefore, the ring is usually worn on the left hand. The diamond culture has a long history. Since ancient times, diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of power, dignity, status and wealth. Its indestructible, invincible, eternal and resolute and masculine qualities are the eternal goal of mankind. It has potential and great cultural value. 2. The inherent charm quality of diamonds as gemstones must have the three major elements of beauty, durability and rarity. Diamond is the only gemstone variety with the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion, which is incomparable to any other gemstone variety. Such a treasure among treasures is rare among rarities. It should be the most precious among treasures. 3. The exploration of diamond deposits is difficult and costly. It is not like the legend that a diamond deposit can be found by carelessly dropping it. The exploration of diamond deposits often takes decades, even hundreds of years of effort and labor, and costs a lot. For example, the exploration of the primary diamond deposit in Siberia of the former Soviet Union began in 1913, and it took 18 years to find it; The "ora" primary deposit in Botswana, with a cost of 32 million US dollars, was excavated after 12 years of struggle; In recent years, the primary diamond deposits discovered in the northwest of Canada have been found through the painstaking efforts of several generations of geologists at a cost of at least several hundred million dollars. The significance of the diamond ring lies in the careful processing from mining to finished products. A diamond ring is the crystallization of the efforts of the natural creator and more than 2 million people. The incomparable value of diamonds is also in it.

  2. The main component of the diamond ring is diamond. There are several legends about the origin of diamonds

    in English, the word "diamond" is written as "diamond", which originates from the Greek "adamas", which means unconquerable

    1. It is said that diamonds are the fragments left by the falling stars, or the crystals of the tears of the gods on the ground

    2. Some people also think that the tip of Cupid's love arrow is made of diamonds, so it is invincible and has the power to conquer love

    3. The allusion that diamonds were first used as a token of love occurred in 1477. In order to get the love of Princess Mary of France, Maximilian of Austria put a diamond ring on the ring finger of Princess Mary's left hand, thus creating the tradition of giving diamond rings for engagement

    to sum up, the diamond is not only because of the above romantic story, but also because of its rare, pure, bright and hard characteristics, which makes it a symbol of eternal love

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