1 thought on “What does gold bracelets mean?”

  1. 1. Peony flowers: Peony flowers are rich and rich, atmospheric, are the kings of flowers and the national flowers of our country. They symbolize auspicious and rich. Generally speaking, it is also the most common pattern of bracelets now.
    2. Dragon and phoenix: Long and phoenix are also one of the most common patterns today. Longteng is a symbol of love that is inseparable.
    3. Lotus: It means innocent love, and it also means high -quality, innocence, and nature. Sending the elderly represent refreshing and healthy meaning.
    4. Roses: Roses represent love as roses and long -lasting. It is a symbol of love and happiness.
    5. Xiangyun: Xiangyun is a traditional Chinese auspicious pattern. It means that Xiangrui shrouded family happiness and health, and has a healthy and peaceful meaning, which represents the happiness and happiness of life.
    6. Petal patterns: petals are romantic symbols. The bracelets of petal patterns are full of colorful visions like petals, full of poetic and romantic colors.
    7. Pomegranate: The pomegranate flower has a symbol of more children and more wealth, and the pomegranate pattern on the bracelet has the beautiful wishes of descendants and prosperous people.
    8. Thousands of chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are the same as pomegranate, which also represents more children and wealth.
    9. Water droplets: The beautiful meaning contained in the middle of the water droplet pattern is a good choice whether it is for the elders, friends and relatives, and friends and relatives. I wish the wind and rain.
    10. Bamboo: metaphor for people's character to be humble and respectful, with qi festivals, just right, and it is very good to send elders. It also means that bamboo flowers are high in flowers and represents the career of love.
    11. Weaving patterns: Representing the Miao people desire the beautiful wishes of the grains, in ancient times, they used the prepared mats to bask in rice.
    12. Shuangshou map: Auspicious gossip map, recruiting wealth and evil spirits, reflecting the eight weapons held by Baxian to block evil spirits.
    13. Fish: The young girl who is more than a year (carp leaping the dragon gate) reflects the living conditions of the ancestors before they migrate, reflecting the fishing and hunting culture.

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