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  1. Diamond score refers to the quality of diamonds (the weight of usual), for example:
    1 carats are 100 points, the mass is 0.2 grams, 15 points diamond fingers are 0.15 carats, and the mass is 0.03 grams. 20 points are 0.04 grams.
    This can be converted between "carats" and what we say "grams", and the standard is equal to 0.2 grams. As for how much one carat is, we can feel based on understanding of daily things, and we can only say that one carat is a relatively lightweight unit. However, for the density and price of diamonds, "one carat" is already a larger weight. In fact, a carat diamond ring is also a large diamond ring for most consumers, and the price is more expensive.
    Is how big is the one -carat diamond
    Is how big one carat diamond is, we can simply infer according to the density of the diamond. The density of diamonds is about 3.52g/cm3, and one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Based on these data, we can calculate the diamond diameter. Generally speaking, one carat diamond is about 6.5 mm, and its height is about 3.4 mm. This size should be equivalent to the head of a rice. Of course, the cutting process of diamonds also has a certain impact on the visual size of the diamond, so it is also one carat, which may also be different in visual size.

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