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  1. 1. Gold gourd pendant

    the pronunciation of "Fu Lu" in gourd is very similar, so people often use gourd to express the meaning of Fu Lu. The branches and leaves of the gourd are luxuriant, fruity and seedy, implying that the family has branches and leaves, and the wealth is auspicious "; As a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, the gourd can cure diseases and hold water in life. When the eight immortals cross the sea, Tieguai Li carries the gourd on his back and paints the gourd with the color of an immortal. Therefore, the gourd also implies health and longevity, and is an artifact that can exorcise evil spirits

    2. Gold transfer bead pendant

    the transfer bead is a small oval bead made of gold. The middle of the bead is hollow. It can be worn on the wrist with red silk thread, or it can be worn on a gold chain to make a necklace. Because the beads are hollow, they can rotate on the chain, so they are given the meaning of transport

    bad luck turns into good luck, and good luck turns into better luck. The luck beads have such a good meaning. Whether they are given to family or friends, they can make him good luck in the next life

    3. Golden Buddha with gold pendant

    it is often said that "men wear Guanyin and women wear Buddha", which is derived from Chinese traditional culture and the book of changes. The book believes that everything should follow the principle of yin-yang balance. Men wear the Golden Buddha Pendant in the hope that they can have great wisdom and learn to be modest and tolerant in life like the Buddha. Only in this way can we help our cause to a higher level

    4. Gold Leaf Pendant

    leaves represent vitality, which means that the tree of life is evergreen. It is also homophonic with "cause", implying that the cause is developed and vigorous, and the cause will rise step by step

    5. The golden dog pendant

    it is said that the dog is the ninth son of the Dragon King. Because it only eats but does not pull, it can accept money. She is domineering in shape and means to attract wealth and ward off evil. She is deeply loved by men. When selecting, pay attention to the angle on the head of the dog not to stand too high, which is very easy to damage; The body shape of the dog should be as full and thick as possible, which will be more suitable for men to wear

  2. a man can wear a gold dog, a gold Buddha, a gold crab, a gold gourd, and a gold inlaid jade pendant

    1. Golden Oysters: many people like oysters not only because they are ornaments, but also because they have the meaning of Attracting Wealth, so many people like them. When wearing the pendant, most of them will make the head of the pendant face up, that is, the head of the pendant will not hang the tail, and the head of the pendant will face up, which means that the pendant will rise step by step and attract more money

    2. Golden Buddha: the more common Buddha pendants are Guanyin pendants and Xiaokou Buddha pendants, which imply peace and happiness, and hope that everything will go well in the future

    3. The golden crab pattern indicates that the world is rich and prosperous, which is suitable for men doing business

    4. Gold gourd: it is a relatively new type of gold pendant. It is fashionable and generous, and the style is simple and elegant. It is suitable for black rope or gold necklace of more than ten grams

    5. Gold inlaid jade pendant: it is suitable for men who are slightly older and people who like gold and jade. The pendant is made of gold sheet and Hetian jade. The shapes are Guanyin, Guangong, dragon, horse, eagle, etc. the jade materials are white jade, Dark Jade, Jasper, etc

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