One thought on “How to choose the precautions for using the beautiful pupils

  1. 1. The pupil is consistent with the actual degree or slightly lower, which is better than the actual degree of 25 to 50 degrees; the specific degree is poor, depending on everyone’s eyes to regulate the ability. Yes, if you have a weak ability to adjust the ability, it is best to be about 50 degrees.

    . When cleaning the pupil, wash your hands first, then pour the nursing solution in your palm, throw the lens in, use the unknown finger of the other hand to gently rub it, and then change the other side to the other side. Continue rubbing, then rinse it with the care solution, rinse it and soak it in a clean care solution until it is used again.

    . If you do n’t need it for a long time, it ’s best to replace the care solution every day. If you ca n’t change it every day, remember to clean it again before removing the lens again.

    4. Try to choose some well -known brands as much as possible, such as P2, Loton, Docuel, etc. Do not use nursing liquid containing hydrogen peroxide, it is easy to cause eye discomfort. In addition, the nursing solution must be used up within 3 months of opening, and it must be thrown away even if it is not used up, so it is recommended to buy a small bottle.

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